Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Me Time

The Lord has been challenging me with something lately.
And it's hitting me hard.
Time is something extremely valuable to me.
Especially time with Baker.
I covet my time with him.
So much so that I have been guilty of sacrificing other things,
especially time spent with other believers immersed in the Word,
so I can soak up every single minute of my baby boy.
The Lord has placed on my heart the desire to invest more heavily in the areas I have neglected
not spent as much time and energy as I should.
Before Baker was born, I was a part of a weekly Bible Study.
This group of INCREDIBLE women did two separate book studies.
One on marriage,
and the other, on parenting.
Coincidentally, or probably not,
the one on parenting took place while I was pregnant with Baker.
I loved the opportunity to connect with other godly wives and mothers.
We shared joys, heartaches, prayers, and most of all, love for the Lord and a desire to know Him more intimately and let that seep into all areas of our lives.
After Baker was born, my time was too sacred.
After working all day,
I couldn't bear the thought of leaving him one night a week.
Missing dinner.
Missing bathtime.
Missing bedtime.
Missing books and prayers and begging to stay awake kisses and snuggles.
And all of the ooey gooey sweetness nighttime around here means.
Instead of a weekly Bible Study,
I continued playing Bunco with my Sunday School girls once monthly.
While we didn't do a formal Bible Study,
as it was more of food, fellowship, and fun,
we did incorporate a prayer time with a prayer journal that followed the group throughout the year.
During this time, we saw God's faithfulness evidenced time and time and time again.
As we would flip through the prayers offered in the previous months,
it was amazing to hear the chorus of God's provisions singing around our group.
Regardless of the time commitments,
I recognize, now more than ever,
the importance of me time.
Time spent alone with my husband.
Time spent with my girlfriends.
Time spent alone with Jesus.
Certainly not in that order.
As Baker has gotten older, I still love our night times together.
I crave that time with my baby boy.
But, I know, even more important than missing a meal, or a bedtime book, is nourishing my walk with the Lord.
I am ready to commit to time with other women.
Time saturated in scripture.
Time for honesty.
Time for realness.
Time for boldness.
Time for encouragement.
Time to be challenged.
Time to grow.
I am praying now that God will open some doors to connect with women here in Tuscaloosa.
That He will reveal what my heart needs to be a disciple for Him.
To grow His kingdom.
Is it a parenting study?
A parenting children with special needs study?
Growing my personal walk?
Whatever the topic, whatever the literature,
I'm excited about the opportunity to join with others and grow in friendship and love for the Lord.
Like positively giddy excited!


  1. i am so proud of you. loved learning of your story. it is tough leaving them and not feeling the guilt - but you will grow stronger for sure. your son is precious!

  2. I too can relate to your "neglecting" important things for yourself. It's so hard sometimes to know what the right thing is when you have little ones. I don't want to miss a thing, but I have to nourish my spiritual self too. Great post!

    1. Thank you, friend! Sending encouragement your way!

  3. I hear ya with this! I am struggling as well. I will be praying for all of us in this boat. But I know God will bless you for your sacrifice of time for more time with HIM!