Sunday, August 11, 2013

A reunion, a failed test, and a fifteen month old

I celebrated my ten year high school reunion this weekend.
I feel like it was just yesterday that I was walking the halls of Hillcrest High School, building homecoming floats, dressing in ridiculous garb for Friday pep rallies.
I loved high school and I loved getting to visit with everyone and hear about where the past ten years had taken them.
I especially love these girls.
Best friends in 2003.
Best friends in 2013.
So thankful for friendship!

And even more grateful to carry this hunka hunka on my arm!

And while the hubs and I were reunioning, the grands took Baker for his
first Dreamland experience.
Rumor has it, he cleaned the bone.
That face, y'all.
Killing me.

I had to get a TB test to start work again.
I took one about seven years ago, and had a crazy bad reaction and had to get a chest x-ray to confirm that I did not, in fact, have tuberculosis.
Well, silly nurses stuck me again instead of proceeding with an x-ray.
My arm looks like I lost a fight with a black widow.
And again, I got a chest x-ray.
I smiled real pretty and got the "all clear" to start work as an Instructional Coach in a local school district on Tuesday.
I cannot tell you how badly it kills the perfectionist in me to fail a test.
Somehow, I blinked and I have a fifteen month old.
I'm not sure how it is even possible.
The down and dirty of  Mister William Baker Bell.
 24.3 pounds
31.5 inches
So crazy - Baker can wear 12 month to 3T. It just depends on the brand and the cut.
Size 5, although shoes have only graced his yummy tootsies a handful of times. That is fixing to change; starting next week he'll have to wear them everyday.
 Level 4. And with the move to T-town, we've discovered Target diapers.
Hello, Fabulous!
Things he loves
His mama and daddy the most, Silk, sweet potatoes, macaroni and cheese, mashed potatoes, swimming, Harley, bathtime, reading, sweet summertime, singing, climbing all over on top of everything and giving me early wrinkles (Boys. Sheesh), on the mouth, open mouth kisses, but only for the lucky few.
Favorite Books
Baby Bunny, Chicka Chicka Boom Boom
Favorite Song
"If You're Happy and You Know It," "Mommy Loves her Baker," "The Itsy Bitsy Spider," "The Wheels on the Bus"
Baker Boy, Baker Man, Bake, Bake Bake, Shuga Baby, Drool Bucket, Mr. Personality, Booger Bear. I knew they were bad, but seeing the names in black and white.
I need to stop.  
Oh my sweet Baker,
Fifteen short months ago, my whole world changed when I first held you in my arms, kissed your angel soft skin, and for the first time, felt my heart beat outside of my own body.
I love you so much. I love your smile. I love your grit. I love your own little language - Bakerese. I love your sweet spirit. I love your knee dimples. I love your kisses. I love the way you sign "please" when I finish doing something just so we can do it one more time. I love that you break stereotypes. I love your stubborn streak. I love your company - in the car, at the grocery store, anywhere. I love being near you. I love the way you nestle into my shoulder when we rock. I love your "tight squeeze." I love your army crawl. I love your fearlessness. I love your bravery. I love your love. I love you.
Baby Boy, there is not one thing I would change. You are everything I ever imagined you would be, and then some. Being your mommy is one of my life's greatest gifts. Today, yesterday, tomorrow, I love you big.

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