Friday, August 30, 2013

Five on Friday

I haven't linked up with Five on Friday in a few weeks.
But here I am on a late Friday night joining the party!

In true Jennifer Bell form,
Fashionably Late.

One. Baker's One Year Pictures

I don't think I have shared these on the blog yet. I posted the preview for Baker's Newborn and Six Month Pictures by Amber's Photography, and these were just as wonderful.

This one may be one of my favorites.
So real life.


Two. Pic Tap Go

I'm obsessed with picture editing on my phone. I have recently downloaded this fabulous app that lets me pretend I am a photographer extraordinaire. I still have no photo editing software on my computer, but I am looking to remedy this problem like yesterday. Since May 2012 (Little Man's birth month), I am obviously in a race with myself to see if I can take more pictures than I did the previous month.
If you have a favorite photoshop, I would love to hear your recommendation.
Mission accomplished.

Three. Advocare

I have taken the plunge and purchased the Advocare 24 Day Challenge.
If you want to join me, I'd love someone to hold me accountable. I've heard numerous success stories and am excited about writing mine. I am most looking forward to the promise of increased energy. For whatever reason, surely not my rambunctious toddler, mine is zapped - bring on the Spark!

Four. It's Football Friday

Baker and I dressed in our Bama gear as we headed off to school today! I am so excited about the promise of Fall, Saturdays on the Quad, and wonderful tailgating recipes. Stephanie at Plain Chicken has the very best recipes for football season - dips, and sandwiches, and sweets galore.

My personal favorites:
You're welcome.
Five. Looking Back

I met my Brian Bell at the first football game of our freshman year at Bama. September 6, 2003.
Ten years ago this week.
He's always been the one.
The one that makes camo look good (and believe you me, he models it A LOT),
The one that makes me the best me,
The one I look forward to coming home to each day,
The one that leads our family in the Lord,
The one that makes anniversaries, and holidays, and random days the most special,
The one my soul loves,
The one I love to cheer on the Tide with, and parent Baker with, and cook dinners with, and enjoy Friday movie night with, and pray with, and do life with.
The one.
The only.
My one and only.

I love this man.

It's the Weekend!
Even better, it's Alabama Football Weekend and Labor Day Weekend!

Yippee skippy, friends!


  1. # 1 - you're going to do AMAZING on your 24 Day Challenge! LOVE Advocare products and take them daily - I'm on a weight loss journey and they're so so so wonderful! GOOD LUCK!

    # 2 - ROLL TIDE!!!!!! :) From one Bama fan to another ;)

  2. Still loving your blog. David will be 4 months old on Wednesday - we are so thankful. A friend of fine sent me this link. I enjoyed it, and thought I would pass it on