Friday, August 16, 2013

Five on Friday

I am excited to link up with the lovely ladies of Five on Friday today.
You should read through the posts - they are fabulous-o!


I began the blogging journey in July 2012, shortly after Baker was born.
Cliche right?
A mom blogging about her journey in raising a baby with Down Syndrome.
Some might think.
I didn't feel like it was a cliche. 
Or something I had to do.
Rather, I felt like God had given me a platform.
To share our story.
Our God given blessing with others.
To live this life, this journey for His glory.
Maybe, through writing, He would be magnified.
Someone would be encouraged.
A mother facing a Down Syndrome diagnosis would choose life for her child.
So here I am.
Doing my thing.
Being a believer, a wife and a mommy.
I am reflecting on our journey by reading previous posts from this past year.
Reading the highs and lows.
The struggles and the joys.
The celebrations and setbacks.
The laughter and tears.
The faith and hope.
It has been a good year.
No, it hasn't.
It has been a great year.
As hard as it was, I have chosen my five favorite entries over the past four hundredish days.
I think it's only appropriate to start with Baker's Birth Story.
With his birth, my dreams of becoming a mommy came true. With him in my arms, breathing his scent, kissing his face, feeling his warmth, my heart grew. God's faithfulness was affirmed.
I was a mommy. I had a baby. My little Baker Bell.
Little did I know, but from this day forward, I would be forever changed.
I couldn't help but cry as I reread this. It brought back the raw emotions of his diagnosis. The fears. The tears. The worry. But it also brought back the joy of seeing his strength and determination. And the pride in walking in the NICU, seeing my name on him, and his all over me.
On the 11th day of May, I first held my dream come true.
The second is Perfect Day. It shows pictures of our first Buddy Walk supporting National Down Syndrome Society and Parent Advocates of Down Syndrome. It was absolutely a perfect day. One in which we felt so much love and support in this journey.

We set a modest goal - to raise eight hundred dollars and to take a team of 50 walkers to support our family. Our precious family, friends, and complete strangers sent donations, ordered t-shirts, and drove church vans to surround our family at this wonderful event. We far surpassed our goal, taking over 80 walkers to win the Spirit Award and raising over $3000!
Be on the lookout for information for this year's Buddy Walk. I hope you'll make plans to join us and support our team!
Go Team Baker!
A Day in the Life. I started doing Day in the Life posts occasionally just to document ordinary days that, to me, were extraordinary because they were ours. And I wanted to remember them forever.

This is one of my favorite Day in the Life posts. I think partly because it's a normal day for us - work, school, therapy, fun, love - memory making at it's finest.

No summary needed. Just read it.
For the fifth, here are some others that share landmarks on our trip. It's been a good trip. There's no map. We don't know the final destination for Baker. But we are trusting God with our path. Trusting that He will lead us and guide us. Road trips are the most fun - especially ones with unexpected twists and turns.
Waves - Such raw emotion.
Baby Giggles - Baker has always had such a great laugh. And a little "Baby Got Back."
Toes in the Sand - Our first beach trip featuring a mighty precious beach bum.
Peace, Love, and Green Beans - The faces. They're priceless.
A Word that should be a Word no More - Stop using the R word. For Baker. For me. I implore you.
As Long As - Never again, will I say, "It doesn't matter, as long as they're healthy." Because, I'll love them anyway.
His Letter - in response to an ESPN video featuring Heath and Jennifer White, and their precious little girl, Paisley.
Jesus Calling - Worry, Worry, Worry - I am always worrying about this or that with Baker. And it is exhausting.
First Day Jitters - New school, new teachers, new beginnings.
World Down Syndrome Day - I celebrate you.
Rainbows, Restoration, and Answered Prayers - A break from social media is good for the soul.
Rise-ing to the Occasion - Moving for Baker - because that's what parents do. They love big, they make decisions with their children in mind. They pray for, they hope for, the wish for - they do.
A Final Walk - For teachers here, there and everywhere.

I'd love to hear which ones you have enjoyed.
Ones that made you laugh?
Ones that provided inspiration? 
Ones that showcased pictures of a handsome Baker Bell?
Is it one of these five?
Or another?
I have loved sharing this journey with you!


  1. Such a sweet Five on Friday post :) Baker is a handsome little fella :)

  2. What a cutie! Thanks for sharing. Babies are truly a dream come true! Found you on the link up!

  3. Wow, just beautiful. I read Baker's birth story. God has given you much strength, isn't He just so good? What a sweet blessing!

  4. Beautiful! Baker is really lucky to have you as his mommy, what a blessing he is!

    I love doing the Day in the Life type posts - especially just documenting the ordinary days because in a few months or years they will seem so different and I don't want to forget what life was like back then.

    Great blog, stopping over from Five on Friday linkup.

  5. How adorable is he! Love the recap!

    Stopping by from 5 on Friday. Hope you'll stop by my blog as well.