Sunday, August 18, 2013

An end and a beginning

Endings are difficult, but they allow for new beginnings.
And with those, come beautiful opportunities.

High school ends, college begins.
The rain shower ends, a rainbow begins.
An earthly life ends, a heavenly life begins.
Nine months of pregnancy ends, and life with a baby begins.
A summer ends, a school year begins.

Endings are difficult, but they allow for new beginnings.

For us, this is the week!
I return to work for my first full week and Baker begins his first year at RISE on Tuesday.
The ending of a perfect summer, the beginning of a fresh start, a new opportunity.
I have gotten to play Stay at Home Mom since June 26, and it has been glo-ri-ous!
I have worried all summer about what's to come this week,
but today I have a peace.
That we'll make it.
That God's faithfulness allowed for this move to Tuscaloosa for Baker to go to RISE and for me to return to work doing what I love.
And how thankful I am for peace so sweet.

I will miss being home with Baker throughout the day.
I have loved rocking him for naps,
and sharing picnic lunches by the river with Brian,
and playing outside,
and splashing in the water,
and doing things so terribly ordinary that I will terribly miss in an extraordinary way.
We have had the most incredible summer together.
It has been busy, and full of transitions.
But I wouldn't trade it for anything in the world.
I will really, really miss it.

If you think about us throughout the week, please offer a prayer for both Baker and me.

Here are three specific prayer requests:
1. Please pray that Baker settles in to RISE comfortably - that he becomes acclimated to the culture, the schedule, his teachers, and his classmates.
2. Please pray that Baker thrives in this new environment - that the therapists develop a plan to meet his developmental needs.
3. Please pray that the Lord gives me eyes and ears to see and hear personal and professional needs. Please pray that He opens doors to form relationships with my teachers, students, and their parents. Please pray that I take advantage of opportunities to provide others with His love.

I covet your prayers and your encouragement.

An end and a beginning.
A time for hopes, wishes, and dreams for the future.

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