Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Living the Life

I am living the life.
And enjoying every single minute.
Okay, most minutes are less than glamorous,
and my toddler is pitching more fits than I would like to admit,
and there is often food thrown,
and there are moments when I lose my patience much more quickly than I swore I ever would, but in the fit pitching, patience losing, food throwing moments, it's still a dream come true.
It really is.
As I was getting ready to put a sleeping Baker in his bed tonight, I paused at the edge of his crib and snuggled him one last time,
thanking the Lord for this precious gift who is too wonderful for words.
I even thanked Him for the fit pitching and food throwing and patience losing.
And then, I even thanked Him for the time I would wake up with my baby boy tonight for a small sip of milk, just to hear me sing one more chorus of "Mommy Loves Her Baker."
Because each of these minutes, the minutes of failure and the minutes of successes, are evidences of God's faithfulness.
Evidences that God answered my prayer of becoming a mommy.
Today was wonderful.
A day living the life.
I have to go back to work next week, so we are in full on savor summer mode.
Baker and I played too much.
His new favorite thing is to climb into the rocking chair and
rock-a-bye the baby.
Loved on, and were loved on by special friends.
And channeled Baker's inner Elvis for an afternoon outside with our favorite pup dog.
With my camera,
I capture the smiles.
And memories made with sweet friends.
And crazy hair.
Because that is what I want to remember.
But I also want to remember the less than perfect moments.
The poop in the bathtub (Baker's not mine),
the Ritz crackers littering my car that could most certainly feed a small child for a month,
the bumps and bruises that accompany my strong-willed child trying his darnedest to walk,
the red-faced, grunting, fists balled fits that comes when Baker doesn't get what he wants the exact second he wants it.
The real life.
Because this real life is my life.
And I really, really love it.


  1. Loved the post! If you think about it please pray for David. His heart surgery is Tuesday. You are a complete stranger, but we have the common bonds of Christ and an extra chromosome for our little boys.


    1. Oh sweet Abby, praying hard for your precious family this morning and in the days to come as you prepare for David's surgery. Trusting in the Lord alongside you and loving you all alongside Him.

  2. Hello again. I wanted to thank you for your prayers. David came through surgery and is doing well. It's the second time we've had to give him over to a stranger and wait for an operation to be completed. It's the hardest thing I've ever done, but I know David is in God's hands. He is faithful to His promise to never leave or forsake us.


    1. Oh Abby, I am so glad! Email me your address - I'd love to send y'all a little happy.