Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Baker goes to the Dentist

I have this "Proactive Parents of Children with Down Syndrome" list
that I have compiled through reading, conversations, and personal knowledge.
Except for it's not nearly as fancy as it sounds.
It's pencilled notes jotted down in my spiffy Crystal Faye planner to remind me of things that are now a part of our everyday, just like trips to Target, writing thank you notes, and putting on deodorant (except for most days I can do that without a reminder).
The list includes annual visits to an audiologist and otolaryngologist, opthamologist, cardiologist, dentist, therapy evaluations, blood work, cue Charlie Brown voice here, wonk, wonk, wonk, and on it goes.
Today, we checked another off, but not before reading
The Berenstain Bears Visit the Dentist.
I don't know if Baker is going to love or hate having a Teacher Mom.
Corny, cheesy, book loving, song singing, Teacher Mom.
Product Details
 Baker with his new dentist, Dr. Turnipseed.
We had heard of him and his greatness,
but today we experienced it firsthand.
He was patient, and comforting, and my clingy-to-Mama little Baker Boy reached for him. And in his lap is where he completed the rest of the visit. 
Dr. Stan was very optimistic about Baker's oral development,
stating he was lagging only a few months behind,
encouraging us to eliminate feedings after teeth brushing,
and to come see him again in a year.
Baker blew kisses and waved goodbye to every single person in the office.
Baker, in his little bitty bundle of squishiness, spreads big joy.
I am honored to be a part of it.
And again, my worries were silenced and prayers were answered.
We got home and there were still hours of sunshine and lower than typical temperatures, so we took the party outside.
Baker played in his Cozy Coupe, and we had a picnic supper on the porch.

Then, in true Bama fashion, he took a bath right there in the backyard, in front of God and everybody.
That's how we do it in Dixie, y'all!

And tonight, we sang,
"This is the way we brush our teeth,
brush our teeth,
brush our teeth.
This is the way we brush our teeth,
before we go to sleep."
Teacher Mom strikes again.

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  1. I could do some serious squeezing on that sweet boy!