Saturday, May 18, 2013

Weekend Love

We are having our first Open House tomorrow,
so undoubtedly, our Saturday To-Do List was a mile and a half long.

Unfortunately for that lovely list, organized diligently by yours truly,
it was a beautiful day and Baker finally felt well.

So, I adopted the attitude, if it gets done, it'll get done.
We are going to make the most of this day!
And make the most we did!

I started off at the doctor.
I swear Baker gets his hardheaded tendencies from his daddy, and tell him it's true every chance I get.
And every time I say it out loud, a little voice says, "You lie, you lie, you lie!"
I am stubborn to tha max!
I have been sick for days. 
Nothing serious.
Just the crud.
I swear I could fill up the tank of my car with all of the ever-loving snot
I have blown out of my nose and elegantly coughed up every waking hour!
But, I hadn't made time to go to the doctor, thinking I would just shake it.
Sinus infection turned acute bronchitis, ear infection, and one of the laryn or pharyngitises.
Basically, a bad case of rundownitis with a side of little sleep and lots of worry about my Baker.
One shot, two scripts, and a beautiful day with my boy later, and I am a brand new woman!

While I was out waiting for my medicine to get ready, I ran through Old Navy and TJ Maxx and shopped with two hands and one bag - a purse. 
Glorious day!

But then, I couldn't wait to get home.
To this. 
A baby in footed pajamas is definitely in my Top 10 favorite things ever.

We spent the day outside.

Burning up the roads in Baker's new ride.

And interrupting Daddy cleaning out the garage to splish splash in the swimming pool.

Jenny even stopped by to visit.
She and her husband and another couple are flipping the house across the street.
What a project!
And what an incredible job they are doing!

Baby Baker loves some Jenny Carter!

We came inside to attend to some chores.

What is it with a mattress?
In a bed - no biggie!
On the floor - it's a child's play place!
Seriously, show me a mattress on the floor that doesn't serve as a trampoline, 
or tumbling mat, or slumber party's greatest accessory.

Then we did laundry and Bake's new wagon was fabulous for toting clothes and a certain one year old from room to room for drop off and delivery.

So what if the house isn't perfect tomorrow?
There may be a surface left undusted, or a Clorox wipe unused.
The cabinets could stand to be reorganized, and my closet cleaned out.
But, that'll have to happen another day.
When it's rainy or when he's napping.

Because weather this beautiful, and a mama and her baby finally feeling well begged for splishing and splashing, and cruisin' and groovin', and acting like some memory making fools.

At the end of the day, the hubs cooked us a fabulous dinner on the grill while throwing back to some Sammy Kershaw.

Stick a fork in her, y'all. 
This lady's done.
And add it to the record books as another great day. 

This life.
A dream come true.
Every single minute.
A dream come true.

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