Tuesday, May 7, 2013

To Baker, Love Mal

Mal Mal.

She was the one who helped distract me while the hubs asked my parents for their permission to marry me. She made me complete some wildly embarrassing tasks on the Bachelorette party, stood beside me when I said "I Do," and hasn't left that spot.
Beside me.
Every step of the way.
Her groom has joined her there.
And their pup dog, Harps.
They are the most precious couple and our family loves them BIG time!
The first time ever I held you in my arms I knew you were something special. I raced over to your Nana's house to get there before ma'am so I could get extra love. Ever since that day I have been overcome with all things Baker Bell. You have captured my heart (not to mention my husbands) and we feel so fortunate to get to play even a small part in your journey. I have so enjoyed watching you grow this year but more so seeing the joy in your mama's eyes each and every time we are together. See, I have known your mommy for quite sometime. But not like this. This is different. There is an extra spring in her step and sparkle in her eyes. You are an answer to her prayers. And WOW, God really outdid himself with you!! I am no longer surprised when she calls or texts us an update on something awesome you have accomplished. I know you are special and God has BIG things in store for you! Your sweet spirit and crinkled nose smile is captivating. Your drive, determination, and joy in life is encouraging. You are a precious gift handsome man. The Clark's love you!

And now one of my most favorite memories is sharing in your first trip to Summer Snow! I have treasured memories of visiting there with my grandaddy as a small child and even more fond memories going there with your mom and our friends. It doesn't get much better than a summer snow on a sunny afternoon!

Love you like crazy,

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