Monday, May 6, 2013

To Baker, Love Kristen

My friend Kristen is the one who has always gone before me.
She was born in October, me in November. She started Englewood Elementary in Kindergarten, me in First Grade. She had first boyfriends and first kisses and even started college our senior year of high school. She has always led the way, and done it beautifully. We look to her to see how she's done it, and try our best to do it a fraction as well as her. It made sense for her to become a mommy first, and I am oh so glad she did. She is a gorgeous mother to the most precious blonde haired, non-stop talking, dinosaur-loving two year old. I have called her for everything, and she has assured me along the way.
Words cannot express my love, admiration, and respect for her.
And the best part, she loves my boy.
Sweet Baker,
What a joy you are! The first time I got to hold you I remember thinking how tiny, fragile, and beautiful you were. Fast forward 12 months and you are oh so fabulously chubby (especially those knee dimples that deserve their very own birthday party!), so strong, and still so beautiful! I've gotten to steal a few precious kisses from you and witness many a gleaming smile. I'm always so humbled when I'm around you because I feel like God constantly shows himself to us through you. Through your sweet face, your happy demeanor, and just how you embody countless answered prayers. You, Baker Boy, have insprired so many in your first 365 days that I can only imagine what great big things our God has planned for you! I'm so honored to pray for you and watch you grow and look forward to celebrating lots of birthdays and big days to come!

All my love,
Job 33:4 "The spirit of God has made me, and the breath of the Almighty has given me life."

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