Sunday, May 5, 2013

To Baker, Love Jenny

In light of his upcoming birthday, I asked a few special friends and family members to share something on Baker's behalf - a letter, a picture, a special memory, a scripture - something we could compile to share with Baker when he gets older.
My precious friend, Jenny, went first. Our lives have been crazy blessed by her friendship.

What a blessing you have been to so many. I feel honored because I was able to tell your parents that they were having a baby boy. I remember it like it happened yesterday. I bought a pink beanie for a girl and a football beanie for a boy. I was so excited to share this special memory with your Mom and Dad. The look on your parent's faces after they found out you would be wearing the football beanie was worth a thousand words. Mom and Dad came back several times to watch their baby boy grow. As special as it was to watch you grow in your Momma's tummy it has been more special watching you grow in this past year. Your smile and laughter is so contagious. Not only are you the happiest baby I know but you just might be the cutest too. I look forward to watching you grow into a handsome young man of God.

Love you,
Stay tuned for more love letters and sweet wishes for Baker.
I am so thankful for special friends doing this - committing their time, sharing in my son's life, and creating a keepsake we will forever cherish. 

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