Friday, May 10, 2013

To Baker, Love Nana and DD

This one slays me. So sweet. There is no love like the love of a grandparent.
Baker ,
The day you were born brought joy, great joy. Thankfulness, great thankfulness.
Your mouth, those lips, so perfect from first glance. Then worry, prayer, and then again joy, great joy. Thankfulness, praise, confidence. Our God is in control and has a perfect plan. You came home. Joy again.
Baker, your daddy and mother created you with the beautiful love they share, but your heavenly Father listened to my prayers and pleas for your health as He formed you in your mommy’s tummy. I prayed that your parts would be perfect. They are! Baker, our God is so faithful. You are perfection. But the part of you, the innermost part, the part only God can choose to give as a gift, is the gift of JOY. He gave you the gift to make others smile, to choose joy. Baker Bell, you are a joy. During the first year of your life, you have filled my heart, and others. God has such a special plan for you. He gives everyone different gifts…sometimes people never discover their gift, but you, my love, share your gift already. Your gift is so great you knew it was there right away. It is overflowing! I eagerly await the choice of joy that you will share with those that God puts in your path.
You are my Baker Boy, and I am blessed to be your Nan. We have had so much fun this year playing on the ball, surfing on your front door, bumping heads, and singing our most original songs. I look forward to this next year as we choose to enjoy every day, every situation, and every place God puts us. Take comfort. He is in control, and has a plan, and He loves you.
Speaking of love and joy, being your mommy’s mom - I thought I had seen her happy. I thought I had seen her beautiful. But now, when she holds you, talks about you, or even thinks about you…that joy you have shared with her has her all aglow with love and joy. She is more beautiful than ever. God gave her a gift too, it is her sweet spirit and like you, she shares it.
Your daddy - I thought I had seen him strong. I thought I had seen him confident. But, in that NICU, with his big strong hands, and big strong shoulders, he was comfort, he was confidence. His love was so big, so strong. A father, a daddy to you right away.
Love, blessings, and joy on your first birthday,


Hurry, wait, hurry.
We got the call you were coming around lunch time on Friday.
Your Nana and I hurried over to Mississippi and got to the hospital
We went into your mom's room where we waited and waited and waited some more. About 11:35, the nurse proclaimed, "It's time!" and hurried everybody out.
It must have been a half a mile to the waiting room, through two sets of swinging doors, one of which was locked.
I told your Nana on the way, they should have just let us stay in the hall, because no sooner than we got there, the nurse came and told us a little man was already stealing hearts down the hall.
 Baker Man, you surely got your D.
Have a great first birthday,
Love, DD


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  1. Wow. That had this Momma teary eyed! You are right, there is no love like it! Happy Birthday Baker!!