Friday, May 24, 2013

Favorite Things Friday

Baker's language.
His native tongue.
Words he speaks that only Brian and I understand.
It's our secret code.
I'll translate upon request.
Listen and be amazed.
I cannot get YouTube to connect to my blogger account, but you can access the YouTube video here.
And he's learned a new trick.
Clearly he's quite pleased with himself.
I'm pretty peachy too!
Watch my boy go, and go, and go here!
But, be ready to clap.
He'll be waiting for you to join him!

I am so proud of all he is doing and all he is accomplishing.
I shared a picture on Instagram this week of my boy and I sharing an ice cream cup at Chick-fil-A.
A midweek date that was even sweeter than the yummy deliciousness we were eating.

And the caption captured the words that have been etched on my heart all week.
He is daily growing. 
He is daily changing.
He is daily loving.
He is daily charming.
He is daily adding new words, and sounds - both good and bad.
That grunt, ooohhh weee! 
Hello, personality!
He is daily becoming a toddler with very defined toddler tendencies.
He is daily making a mother totally reliant on God for strength and sanity.
He is daily making me a mother that praises the Lord for this most incredible blessing.

And I love every single minute.
Every single stage I beg, plead with God to freeze that very second.
Because I am convinced that life could not possibly get any better than this right here.
But, it never happens.
The clock continues to tick.
The days continue to pass.
And somehow, someway, each day is better than the one before.
Each stage, and each age is more precious than the one before.

A child is an incredible gift.
As fleeting as each moment, I pray I never take one for granted.
I pray that God give me the strength, and the knowledge, in this moment, to be the mother Baker needs.
A child is a truly incredible gift.
This child.
My child.
He's a truly incredible gift.

Bakerese and new tricks and ice cream dates!
Sweet, sweet stuff!

Happy Memorial Day Weekend!

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