Thursday, March 21, 2013

World Down Syndrome Day - I Celebrate You

At this time, on this date, last year, I was probably snoozing soundly,
with no knowledge that this day was any different than any other day.
I would have signed checks, planned meetings, gone to the grocery store.
Counted the number of days left until Baker was born.
Chatted with friends, shopped for a birthday present for sweet Baby D's First Birthday. All with no idea that this date was any different than any other.
At this time, today, I am thankful to acknowledge World Down Syndrome Day.
I am even more thankful that I get to celebrate it. 
As Baker's mommy.
How different today was. Not just another day, by any means.
A day to celebrate. A day to honor.
A day to rejoice.
A day to utter prayers of thanksgiving for the blessing of my little.
Baker woke up early this morning.
I kissed on him a little longer.
Trading hair fixing and clothes ironing for snuggling and squeezing.
I lingered outside his classroom door watching him play with friends.
Then went back in for one more kiss.
I just couldn't get enough.
I arrived at school to find everyone sporting their Team Baker t-shirts
from the Buddy Walk.
I felt the prayers whispered on our behalf.
I received texts, and tweets, and pictures, and scripture verses, and all kinds of social media love.
All day long I was reminded of the love surrounding our family.
This journey is not ours to take alone.
Now tonight, I cannot force myself to surrender his sleeping body to his bed.
I cannot help but savor the rhythm of his slumbering snores, keeping him close enough to plant kisses on his baby soft head, smelling his sweet breath, feeling his body melt securely into mine.
As a mother of a child with special needs, I could use all of the buzz words surrounding today.
Words like acceptance, and tolerance, and advocacy.
But, instead, as Baker's mommy,
I will use words like hope, and strength, and love, and joy.
Unspeakable joy.
This little boy, my Baker Bell, has changed my whole world.
I love him to bits and pieces.
Thank you, Little One, for making 3-21 not just another day.
But for allowing me to celebrate 3-21 as your mama.
On this day, and everyday, I celebrate you.
I celebrate the miracle of your life.
I celebrate your strength and your determination.
Boy, you have some grit.
I celebrate your contagious smile and your sweet, sweet spirit.
I celebrate your stubborn streak that propels you to surpass all expectations.
I even celebrate your scrumptious knee dimples!
Baby Boy, I celebrate you and am honored to have the blessing of being your mommy.


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