Saturday, March 30, 2013

Sunday's a Comin'

All week long, the devil has been throwing distractions at me
imploring me to focus my attention elsewhere.
These distractions, they've been in all shapes and forms.
Anything to distract me from the glory of my sweet Jesus and the perfect sacrifice He gave on that Friday.
And he's won.
If I was keeping score, it would quite likely be something similar to
Satan - 37
Jennifer - 0.
And that's being far too lenient on my behalf.
Finally, yesterday.
I shouted it.
After I had enough.
After I started my hateful grumblings once again.
"In the name of Jesus, get away from me Satan!"
And I felt this peace, this all encompassing peace.
All of the burdens that I was carrying, the pain I was experiencing,
the hateful grumblings I was muttering, they disappeared.
And they were replaced.
With feelings of humility, and awe inspiring gratitude.
For the amazing gift of grace I have received.
I have a Savior, He knows my name.
And on that Friday, He was tortured, and beaten, and mocked, and scorned.
And then, he was cruficied.
And with his hands and his feet, my sins were nailed to the cross.
It was me he died for.
He was slain and died so I could live,
live today in hope of living eternally with my sweet Jesus.
But it doesn't end there.
It was Friday, but Sunday was a comin'.
If you haven't seen this yet, I encourage you to watch.
It's pretty incredible.
Three days later, my Jesus conquered the grave.
Sin and death had been defeated.
The tomb could not hold my King!
What an amazing gift of grace.
Nothing I have done in this whole life could have earned me this gift.
It's a pardon for my sin that has been freely given, I just had to accept it.
It was me he died for.
But it was also you.
He died for me and he died for you.
So that we could live.
I pray that on this Easter weekend,
if you haven't accepted this amazing gift of grace, that you will do so.

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