Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Slow Down, Sugar Baby

My little Sugar Baby is 10 Months old.
10 Months.

Stats: The Good Stuff
Weight - 21.3 pounds - 72 Percentile on "Typical Baby" chart
Length - 28.5 inches 73 Percentile on a "Typical Baby" chart
Clothing - 9-12 Month Clothes
Diapers - Level 4 
Toofies - Currently sprouting his first two teeth
Milestones - Sitting up, trying so hard to crawl and stand up on his own
Bottles - Drinking 5-6 bottles per day at 6 oz per bottle
Food - Eating mostly anything we put on his tray 
(I am still uber conservative with what he eats - yes, I am that mama
but don't you worry my boy is a-okay and has the cutest baby blub to prove it)
Drinking - Drinking from a straw and sippy cup - like a boss
Talking - Says Mama, Dada, Baba (for both bye-bye and bottle)
Signing - Signs frequently used words
Sleep - Sleeps 6:30-5:30 with 3-4 naps throughout the day

Pictures: The Really Good Stuff

I have a love/hate relationship with him dressing in big boy clothes.
Love how handsome he looks.
Hate how big he looks.

This may be one of my favorite pictures ever.
His little open shirt,
bare feet positioned just so,
looking at his daddy, 
curl on the top,
sweet little lips.
My boy.
Little stud muffin.
Slow down, Sugar Baby.

You listen here, Daddy.

His little personality is being defined more everyday.
I think I love it!

Oh my!
Refrigerator magnets.
Be still my heart.

Well baby check today.
Brace yourselves.
These are awesome.
Who says you can't have fun on the floor in a doctor's office with a forty-two and a half minute wait.

It takes a lot of brushing to get hair this uncontrollable.

And quite possibly my favorite picture of my favorite little sugar baby ever.
Hambone smile. Check!
Knee dimples. Check!
Cuteness overload. Check!

See. Personality.
At its finest.

Sugar Baby, I love you.
To the moon and back.
So while it breaks my heart that you are getting so big so fast,
don't stop.
Keep doing exactly what you're doing.
Your daddy and I are along for this incredible ride and are loving all the twists and turns.
This life. This day. This breath.
We love it. 
I want to say Slow Down, Sugar Baby.
Baker Boy, stop with all the growing.
But I can't do it.
Because the growing is good.
The talking is good.
The eating is good.
The drinking is good.
The signing is good.
The sleeping is good.
The sitting and the almost crawling and the almost standing is good.
But this, this getting to be your mommy.
Sugar Baby, it's the greatest gift ever.

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