Monday, March 4, 2013

I Choose This

Before you hate me for posting this, let me first state that this attitude typically plays second fiddle to its evil twin sister. I wish I could say that my first thought was to always see the good, celebrate trials, praise God in the storms of life.
That I had a Pollyanna attitude and found the glad in the bad and sad.

But I don't.
I'm guilty of having bad days and bringing every single person I encounter right down with me.
Sometimes, some days, some things just suck.

Here lately, my attitude's evil twin sister has been keeping her big fat mouth shut, and Pollyanna has been making her presence known.
Or at least, that's what I'm striving for.
This weekend, Baker has been sick.
As a dog.
I could rant, and rave, and complain, and cry, and go on and on.
Poor, poor pitiful Baker.
Poor, poor, pitiful me.
But instead, I found the good.
I got to make a precious memory with my sweet boy this morning.
Doing what I used to do with my mama.
He took a bubble bath in the kitchen sink.
We watched the cars pass,
and counted the birds in the Crepe Myrtle,
and pointed at the daffodils lining the perimeter of the yard,
and celebrated the beautiful day God made.

If Baker had been well, our Monday morning would have looked drastically different.

I choose this day.
And I am glad.
There are other instances, too.
Baker being born with Down Syndrome.
There are days that are really difficult.
Days that are overrun with therapies and doctor appointments and hearing tests and the like.
Days when I hear coworkers and friends and complete strangers utter words about being "slow," or even worse, using the "r-word."
Days when I hear others discussing milestones their children have conquered, and I am made aware of mine's delays.
Days when I daydream of our future, and I worry.
But my son being born with Down Syndrome has allowed me privileges for which I am forever grateful.
We daily get to see the good in others,
to see how our family can be used for the glory of the Lord,
to make new friends,
to celebrate miracles everyday,
to cherish sitting up and rolling over and eating and drinking and grasping - we don't take anything for granted in this house.
I choose this.
And I am glad.
As I type this, I pray my words don't come across as preachy or condescending,
but as encouraging and hopeful.
In this life, there are trials.
There are difficult and challenging circumstances, for sure.
Most of which are beyond our control.
What we can control; however, is how we respond.
In the face of pain and adversity,
what is your attitude?
Are you going through a divorce?
Or struggling with a miscarriage?
Are you raising a child with special needs?
Or do you have a very typical child in the terrible two's that is testing your once profound sense of sanity?
Are you single and praying for a partner?
Or have you just received a life changing diagnosis?
Are you struggling to pay your bills?
Or stressed to the hilt.
Pollyanna was on to something...
Find the good.
Find the opportunity to be glad.
To use this experience, this trial to minister to someone.
To make a new friend.
To pray with someone.
To leave someone better than you found them.
Or just to smile when your face has broadcast such a prominent frown.
 It won't be easy.
It's much easier to be this girl.
But, you get to choose.
Which will it be?
"Consider it pure joy, my brothers and sisters, whenever you face trials of many kinds, because you know that the testing of your faith produces perseverance." James 1:2


  1. I've been reading your posts for a while now, ever since Rachel gave me the link. Baker is progressing quite well from what you've posted. And I'm basing that opinion on seeing our 9 month old Thomas, that my husband Mike and I keep everyday for Rachel and Wes. I too believe that certain things happen for a reason, like my breast cancer. Having been through cancer and come out a survivor, I can help and encourage others going through the same thing.

  2. Wow, this was just what I needed. I can't thank you enough for sharing your encouraging words, you are such an inspiration and encouragement.

  3. This was beautiful. Thank you for your honesty and your refreshing attitude. I am so encouraged by your faith! Thanks for linking up with us today.