Saturday, March 2, 2013

Saturdays rule, strep drools

Friday afternoon, Baker started throwing up and running a fever of over 103.
Cue mommy panic mode.
This was after we were up the night before with a croupy cough and wheezing something fierce.
There is no sound more scary than a wheezing baby. 
We reacclimated ourselves with his nebulizer and slept in toboggans.
Trips outside in the bitter cold with his daddy cause his croup to subside like nothing else.
Harley, our four-legged child, loved it!
Company at 2:30 on the back porch - let's partay!
We finally went to the doctor late Friday afternoon.
When we got there, his fever was still sky high, so they stripped him down and gave him a popsicle.
Whew knew Pedialyte made popsicles!?
Mama here is gonna have to get it together.
Baker loved it!
They ran tests for strep, flu, and RSV, and did a CBC.
We didn't leave until after 6:00.
 You would have thought we were the first morning appointment as much time as they took with my boy.
I love our doctors and nurses and love how well they take care of Baker.
Turns out, we are battling our first bout with strep, and it's currently winning.
Like, kicking our butt.
Speaking of...
I couldn't resist this little cheek!
It really hasn't been so bad.
It's been snowing today.
And Baker and I haven't left the house.
He's spent his day in my arms.
And this has been my view.
This and watching snow fall from my living room window.
I love a sleeping baby.
He wakes up every so often, touches my face, utters "mama," and then closes his sick eyes once again.
I just watch him, and while doing so, 
I rock him,
and I kiss his flush cheeks
and I whisper desperate prayers for his healing.

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  1. I hope Baker feels better. He is such a cutie! My babies also have their first cold sand one of them has an ear infection as well. Here's to getting well! Take care!