Monday, March 18, 2013

Curing the Monday Blues

I take so many pictures of dinner time. 

Maybe it's my love of food.
Maybe it's trying to capture each new first.
Maybe it's just that I cannot get enough of my little pumpkin pie being so stinkin' cute!

That persnickety spoon again.

That giggle.
It may be the sweetest sound this side of heaven.

After dinner, it's bath time for the Baker Boy!
I've gotten to where I just bathe him in the sink. 
It's super easy and very convenient!
And when he makes a mess and splashes water all over the floor, it's no biggie! 
I just wipe the floor with a towel. 
Talk about multitasking.
Clean baby, clean floor.
Go Mama, Go!

Baker pulled up for the first time. 
In the sink. 
Holding onto the faucet.
Talk about scaring the bejesus out of me! 
Cheese and rice, kid!
He now thinks this is the coolest thing.
And is trying it everywhere.
Everywhere is much preferred to the sink. 

Waiting on his daddy to come home.
We sat here for at least ten minutes.
He'd watch.
And then sing.
And then clap.
And then call him, "Daaaadddddaaaa."
And then look.

And if those sweet baby giggles didn't, this, y'all, will cure any Monday blues.

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  1. Defintely helped my day get better! I love the photos of your little guy! I just wanted to say that I've been reading your blog lately, as I'm kinda new to the Down syndrome community ( my 8 month old son has Ds) and I found myself looking for blogs of families like mine! I have been enjoying reading about your family and it has helped me so much. Looking forward to more cute pictures!!