Monday, March 25, 2013

Cookie "Mom"ster

On Sunday, we celebrated Dawson's Second Birthday.
I cannot believe that sweet angel boy is 2!
There were dinosaurs, family, and friends galore.
It was a perfect day celebrating the blessing of his life.
I finally got a picture of the three of us.
This almost never happens!

This must be the tactic fishermen use.
Holding their catch a certain way to emphasize it's size.
So, it must be the way I am holding him.
Because there is no stinkin way my precious catch is as big as he looks in this picture!
Holy smokes.
This afternoon, Baker had Physical Therapy.
There is no better way to end my day than seeing how his sweet little body works so perfectly.
Warning: iPhone picture overload
I never carry my big camera anywhere.
So, bad quality capturing a whole lotta cuteness.
Yummy cookie!
Sweet boy needed a snack after such a workout.

I tried to take a bite.
That didn't go well.
Baker's reaction.
Yea, it happened much like this.
Cookie Monster, that's him.
Cookie "Mom"ster, that's me.

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