Sunday, March 17, 2013

Savoring Spring Break

We are savoring our last few blissful hours of Spring Break.
I'm bummed that it's almost over, but am enjoying reflecting on a wonderful week with my little family.

I captured these few pictures of my little ham on Friday afternoon.
If I didn't tell you, you would never know that it was meltdown central at our house.
Melt. Down. Cen. Tral. 

In these pictures, Baker is looking at a spoon.
A spoon, for crying out loud.
He has never been uber attached to a toy. 
He doesn't even take a pacifier. 
But there was no parting with this beloved spoon.
By Friday afternoon, there were spoons stashed in all corners of the house.
Just in case.
When the spoon was in hand, he was a happy camper.
When he dropped the spoon, or lost the spoon...RUN FOR COVER! 


A spoon.

Still a spoon.

Our dear parents are the sweetest.
Mine practically begged to keep my little one overnight Friday and 
Brian's parents offered Marriott points, so we skipped town for a mini vacay. 
It was fabulous!

I still have the hardest time leaving Baker.
To preserve my dignity, I won't say how many times I kissed him before I left, called to hear his voice, or begged for pictures of his time away.

I'm smitten with my precious boy, it's true.
But, Brian and I needed to take a break for just us. 
We savored our time together and Baker had a blast!
We promised to do it again very soon. 

We are so thankful for such wonderful family.
They are such a blessing. 

Getaways are great, but there's no place like home!

I cannot believe it's time to start brushing teeth around here.
Adventures anew.

I love each and every one.


I'm currently switching between computer screens while holding the most perfect sleeping baby. 
Blogging and first birthday planning.

I think I'll publish before editing, cease the birthday looksie-ing, and just savor my last few blissful hours of Spring Break by holding the most perfect sleeping baby.

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