Saturday, December 14, 2013

On the second day of Christmas

The bigger Baker grows - the sweeter it is to be the one to watch him grow.
His smiles, his words, his personality, his habits, his daily patterns - I could get lost in them.
The way he scratches my back when I scoop him from bed.
The way he tries to sneak up on me to make me smile.
The way he chases and wants to be chased.
The way he smiles with his whole body.
The way he dances in his carseat to any music that comes on the radio.
The way his imagination comes to life.
He is a truly incredible kid and I am blessed to watch him grow.
I started my day listening to "Mary Did you Know?"
And as I listened, I tried to imagine Mary and Baby Jesus.
I tried to imagine feedings, and Baby Jesus becoming more mobile.
I tried to picture Baby Jesus sneaking up on his mama or snuggling her when she waked him from a nap.
I couldn't do it.
Knowing what she knew, how did she?
How did she ever let him out of her sight?
How did she ever lay him down?
How did she ever turn her back?
Knowing what she knew, how did she?
I ended my day just as it began, by listening to this song.
I am not Mary. I am far from the strong woman of faith she was.
Nor is Baker Baby Jesus.
But I am a mother.
I know what it feels like to feel a baby kick for the first time,
to hear their first cries,
to feed them,
to long for them while they sleep,
to want to protect them from evil and danger and hurt,
to watch their first smiles and hear their first words and watch their first steps,
and see their eyes light up,
and watch them splash in the tub.
On this second day of Christmas,
I am especially grateful to celebrate Christmas as a mother.
Not only to watch the joy fill my boy's eyes at the lights and music and wonders that only come this special time of year,
but because it means I recognize even more the sacrifice and the faith and the strength of Jesus' earthly parents and Jesus' Heavenly Father.
To answer the question of the song, "Mary Did you Know," I think she did.
I think she knew her baby boy would one day walk on water.
I think she knew her baby boy would save others.
I think she knew the child she delivered would one day deliver her.
I think she knew He would walk where angels trod.
I think she knew that every night when she kissed her little baby, she was kissing the face of God.
She knew, and she chose to still be a part of this incredible part of God's plan.


  1. That's my favorite Christmas song, and you have made it even more wonderful for me. Thanks!

    1. I love it so much. And I cannot listen without crying all the tears!!