Tuesday, December 17, 2013

On the fifth day of Christmas

I love the thought, that today, all over the country, friends and family are opening their mailbox to find Christmas wishes from the Bell family.
I love the season of happy mail.
From me and mine,
to you and yours,
we wish you a very Merry Christmas and
all of the Lord's blessings into the New Year.

We mailed out the black and white version of this card, which I adore!
These are pictures from Baker's one year session with Amber's Photography.
I just love every single one!
Every time I look at these, I smile.
I hope they bring a smile to this fifth day of Christmas to you also.
Here are some of my favorite ideas for displaying Christmas cards.
May the number of Christmas cards outnumber the bills in your mailbox on this fifth day of Christmas!
Joy to the Word, the Lord is Come...
Let Earth Receive Her King!

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