Friday, December 13, 2013

On the first day of Christmas

I am going to try to post something everyday for the next twelve days leading up to Christmas.
I am really focusing on living a life with purpose and meaning.
Decluttering, and cleaning out, and getting rid of the fluff.
And making memories and spending time with those I love the most.

Today was especially special.

I took the day off to take possibly one of the biggest tests of my professional career.
Then, I got to spend the day with my two favorites.
Brian also took off today.
After my test, Brian and I met at Rise for Baker's Christmas party.
We had so much fun making memories with our sweet boy and his precious teachers and classmates.
I love seeing Baker at school.
He is so independent and interactive in his environment.

After school, we went out to lunch at our new favorite meat and three.
For the love of fried squash and mashed potatoes and creamed corn and baby lima beans.
Hello, fabulous!
We came home after stuffing our faces for Baker to nap.
I got to catch up on Love Does while holding my sleeping boy.
There were Christmas lights aglow and fire in the fireplace and a nineteen month snuggler in my arms.
It was a good time.

When Baker woke up, we picked up Harley from the vet and took Baker for his first official haircut.
I have braved many bathtub trimmings, but this time he sat in a real chair with real clippers.

A few presnip pictures.

Baker wore the sweetest smocked Christmas longall today, but Brian insisted he wear big boy clothes for his first big boy haircut.
I vote everything smocked or monogramed or appliqued and one piece for the next forever.
He looks too big in big boy clothes.

He was fabulous, and so was Mrs. Emily! She has earned star status in our book!

On the first day of Christmas, I played mommy and wife all day long.
I played with Baker and all of his friends at Rise.
I treated my boys to a yummy lunch.
I came home and rocked my baby for his afternoon nap.
I read a fabulous book, and was equally challenged and inspired and encouraged.
I held Baker while Brian captured memories of Baker's first haircut.
I treated myself to a little me time.
I enjoyed life.
I was not a slave to emails or social media.
I answered to "mama" and "Baby Doll."
I'll let you guess which Bell boy calls me which endearing name.
It has been a wonderful day. A true gift.
Certainly better than a partridge in a pear tree.

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  1. Always enjoy your post! I can relate to bathtub hair trimmings. David's mowauk grows so fast and refuses to lay flat. Loved the pics of Baker's first haircut! I laughed about Brian wanting to change his clothes - sounds like Louis. I'm glad y'all had a good day together. I LOVE the holidays! Merry Christmas.