Sunday, January 27, 2013

Wishing for the Weekend

I am so, so guilty of wishing away the week in hopes of the weekend.
I think it's because we are so rush-rush on weekdays,
while the weekends, for us, are filled with family and friends and fellowship and fun!
And are completely void of alarm clocks and emails and deadlines.

Saturdays and Sundays are pretty much perfect.

Our weekend captured in Instagram photos:

Boy loves his daddy's hat.

Yes, we are still wearing Christmas jammies in January.
Don't hate.

Baby's got his blue jeans on.
Look at that lil booty!

This boy.
He's mine.

The 'rents came Sunday to play with the babe,
and I got to spend my afternoon at the lake with these two.
We didn't leave as dry as we arrived.

Each day, I find myself uttering "it's almost Friday," or "only two more days," or something disgustingly similar.
My goals this week:
Love each day.
Pray with someone each day.
Celebrate each day.
Be a blessing to someone each day.
Find something unique to do each day and make a memory doing it.
Write a note to someone each day.
I think I will always look forward to the weekend,
I may even wish for it.
But not so much that I miss opportunities throughout the week.
Opportunities to be a blessing to someone.
Opportunities to make memories.
Opportunities to celebrate Mondays and Fridays, and all the days in between.

Here's to weekends, and weekdays alike.
May our everyday be a special day.


  1. I really like your goals for each day. And your adorable pictures! Thanks for adding your blog to our site! Alana (

  2. Your little Baker is so cute! My Levi is 15 month's and such a blessing to us. God has truly blessed us and I'm so thankful for my kiddo's
    Thank you,
    Jody Gallagher

  3. I love his little tractor shirt! He is so handsome, what a precious gift. :) Thanks for your comment on my blog!