Monday, January 14, 2013

New Adventures

As of tomorrow, you can call me Professor.
Adjunct Professor, that is.
Beginning tomorrow, I will embark on a new adventure. I will continue in my current role at the elementary school, but will also teach a course, Reading for College two days a week. I am super excited! This has been a personal and professional goal of mine forever and am so thrilled to have the opportunity to educate at the university level.

In other new adventures, this boy is on the go!
Can not, will not stay still very long.
He plays in the bouncy seat, only to move to his high chair, to the floor, to the rocking chair to read a book, to his swing, and then repeat.
No wonder my house looks like a tornado!

Love this little busybody SO much and am thankful for exciting new adventures with my little and big loves.

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