Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Speech Therapy Take One

Baker had his first session of Speech Therapy today.
He had a wardrobe malfunction as we were entering the rehabilitation facility, so it's fortunate I had a change of clothes. Oh, that boy.
I am always so pleased with his therapists. They do such a wonderful job disguising work as play for Baker.
Ms. Dawn is his Speech Therapist and is the bomb dot com.
She is the same one who conducted his Barium Swallow Study a few weeks ago.
They made a lot of silly faces.

Had a little chat, where he told her everything he knew.
That took a while.
Took a break for a snack.

Drank out of a big boy straw.


And then kicked back with a nice, cool drink.

I left refreshed, encouraged, and educated.
Baker is currently in the 6-7 month range in some objectives, and 7-8 months in others. I am so proud of the progress he's making and look forward to seeing the strides he will make as we more intentionally engage in activities to encourage this development.
As the therapists always do, she gave me so many ideas about the things we can do at home between therapy sessions to promote eating, drinking, speaking, object recognition, and using sign language fluently.

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