Friday, January 18, 2013

Favorite Things Friday

I had a brief moment today where I, in the words of a dear friend, freaked my freaked.
I went from total panic to sheer exhilaration.

It is not atypical for Baker's high chair to look like this.

We combine eating with occupational therapy with entertaining the babe so I can have a fighting chance of getting supper on the table before breakfast is served. 

Today, I was feeding Baker a cup of yogurt, and we were practicing raking and picking up items. 
Namely, the dice, mesh thingy resembling a pacifier (that I would buy over and over and over again), 
colored squishy balls, and stacking cups. 
I turned to the counter to scoop another scrumptious bite of yogurt, and I turn back to see six black uniformly stacked dots on a die staring back at me from INSIDE BAKER'S MOUTH! 
Yes, a die. 
Yes, in his mouth.

First thought - well, no thought, just mommy mode full speed ahead. 
I jerked that thing out of his mouth so fast you could see cartoon worthy dust in my tracks. 
And then mommy mode in another form kicked in. 
I slowed down long enough to realize my Baker picked up that cube, 
that little bitty thing, and put it right into his mouth.


Y'all, this is what we've been working on. 
But Baker has never carried anything that small to his mouth. 
Bibs, yes.
Cloth diapers, yes.
Chunky Baker Boy thumbs, yes.
Pacifiers, no.
Puffs and yogurt bites, no.

Not even Sophie the Giraffe.

The fact that he first picked this up off his tray, 
then carried it without dropping or throwing it all the way to his face, 
then placed it in his mouth. 
I'll say it again, 


We take for granted the motor skills this requires.
All of the different muscles that work in unison to create this action. 
After "freaking my freak," I spun my boy around the kitchen, 
shook my groove thang, 
let out some serious "woo-hoos," and "get you some, Baker Bell"s! 
Baker was quite confused, but played along seeming to enjoy his mama's craziness.

Cue "Hallelujah Chorus."

Celebrations, y'all.
We do it lots 'round here.

On this Friday, this is my favorite thing.
Celebrating milestones.
Singing and dancing.
And "get you some Baker Bell"-ing.
And shaking my groove thang.
And Baker smiling knowing he has done something so big that made his mama so 
happy she acted quite like a complete nut.

Happy Friday, friends.


  1. Hi Jen, I love your blog and Baker is adorable. I have twin boys who are about two months younger than Baker and if you had lived close to us, we would love play dates!! We are in the SF bay area if you are ever here. God bless you and the fam.

    1. Thank you, Jen! Congratulations on your twins! We're way down in the Southeast, but always welcome a good road trip!

    2. I really do mean it! The bay area is beautiful and the boys would have so much fun!

  2. I see where you get your being a great mommy from, yours of course. Knowing your mom from way back when both our kids were in school together, she was always so active and "together" volunteering in the schools. I was sometimes jealous because she always knew what to do and when and I was just standing around. She is a woman to admire and so are you! You are doing a great job and maybe sometime in the future I can meet Baker.