Thursday, January 17, 2013

'Sippi Snow

We have been watching the weather all week.

For the most part, it has been cold and wet and totally ick.
For like seven days straight.

No wonder Christina and Meredith are so tempermental. 
I felt very much like a character on Grey's living in Seattle,
aside from the whole doctors saving lives thing.

Talk of snow in the south has had me glued to The Weather Channel
and hanging on Al Roker's every single word.

Last night, we went to bed with plans of going about the next day as regularly scheduled.
I completed my lesson plans for tonight's course at the University and prepared all of the materials for a trainer we were hosting for professional development at school. I peeked at my phone a few times during the night to see if the local news station had released any new information regarding the weather and school closings. The decision was finally made shortly after six to delay school until mid morning. Then the snow and sleet got more intense, and they called off school completely for a
(Thanks Leah, I totally stole that from you).

I may or may not have done a happy dance that involved hoopin' and hollerin' and actin' a total fool.

Brian still had to go to work, but I was in hog heaven spending this snowy Thursday in front of the fireplace watching the fluffy flakes fall with my itty bitty.

I love the view looking out my kitchen window.
The bales of hay,

and this little red barn,

and this charming old fence.

Don't tell Baker, but I crept out during nap time to play with Harley.

These two are from a snow day three years ago.
Pup dog loves the snow!

We didn't spend much time outside, as Baker has started running a low-grade fever. 
But I had to capture memories of our boy's first snow. 
So I snuggled him up tightly and out we went to enjoy the snow flurry shower.


Here's to many more cold, wintry days made warmer with coffee and fires and family and fun.


  1. Sad to say we had the same weather, and I was the babysitter for a class of 12 ALL DAY. Torture!

    1. That sounds miserable! I hope you and Massey got to play before it melted. Miss you!