Friday, November 2, 2012

Favorite Things Friday

Oh, sweet Baker,
how we love you.
More today than yesterday, and the day before that, and the day before that.
You are the most precious gift.
Your daddy and I are learning to love in a way we never knew.
It's amazing how much more we recognize the love God has for His children now that we have you.
With each day, you teach patience, strength, and devotion.
You provide us with unspeakable joy.
More than words, to the moon and back, with all the love in our hearts,
oh sweet Baker,
how we love you.
We love the dimple in your knees.
This little dimple slays me.
I love to kiss and it hear you giggle in response.
Who knew fat could be cute.
But, little one, you have made it the cutest little leg blub I ever did see.
We love celebrating firsts with you.
This week, we celebrated your first Halloween.
You were the most precious little giraffe.
We enjoyed dressing you up and parading you around to your adoring fans.
Baker Man, you are loved by so many.
One day, you will see just how many lives you have touched, and just how richly blessed our family is to have the love, support, and prayers of such wonderful ones.
This week, you have started reaching for us.
Reaching. For your mommy.
I can't take it!
And touching my face.
You love to touch my lips, and rub my cheeks, and play with my hair.
And earrings, you love your mommy's earrings.
You can't quite figure out your daddy's beard.
You get the funniest face when you rub it.

I hope I always remember these priceless moments.
The way you anticipate my kiss and inch your cheek closer and closer still to my lips,
the way you arch your head back when you hear your daddy's voice behind you,
the way your head tilts and your mouth opens slightly when you are exploring something new,
the way you fold into my arms when you are ready for your nap,
the way you smell - oh, I could bottle it,
the way you turn ever so slightly in your slumber and place your hands together angelically underneath your sleeping face,
the way you mimic every sound I make,
the way you sing with me all the way to school,
the way you hold my hands to pray before we eat.
I am taking it all in.
This mommy thing is good stuff.
Good, good stuff.
More than words, to the moon and back, with all the love in our hearts,
oh sweet Baker,
how we love you.

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