Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Mama Called the Doctor

Doctors galore this week!
On Tuesday, we went to see Baker's pediatrician for his 6 month well-baby visit.
Yep, he's a hoss man.
Eighteen pounds, ten and a half ounces
and twenty-seven and a half inches long.
My little line backer.
Baker is off the charts!
Literally, over the 90th percentile in both weight and length.
Love this big boy so so much.

Just for comparison's sake.
This picture was taken exactly 6 months before.
This was during our stay in the NICU when Baker was a wee little five pounder.
Thanking the Lord for our little one who arrived so perfectly in such a tiny package, but has now grown into our most precious chunky boy.

Jessie Girl came to spend the day.
We love having her here!

It's a shame she doesn't love Baker any more than she does.
We will have to work on this.

Oh those rolls and those chins.

And those knee dimples.
I just can't take it!

Today, we went for both Baker's hearing test and Barium Swallow Study.

Baker failed his hearing test again.
I'm still not convinced it's because he cannot hear.
The audiologist as well as the otolaryngologist attribute it to the size of his ear canals. Because they are so tiny and filled with fluid from being sick all weekend, they could not get an accurate read.

We get to try again on December 27.

I need you faithful readers to become faithful prayer warriors for our baby's ears.

The doctors are concerned about his hearing, but are even more concerned that the size of his ears will lead to more severe issues in the future.

Also today, we had a Barium Swallow Study.
It is about as fun as it sounds.

At Baker's doctor visit on Tuesday, I mentioned the frequency with which Baker gets choked while feeding.

While he clearly eats just fine, as evidenced by the scale, there are some other concerns that led us to the radiologist for this test.

We arrived at two, with all of Baker's feeding tools in tow. We brought spoons, bottles, breastmilk, formula, sweet potatoes, sippy cups, cups with straws. Baker had a feast right there in radiology!

Suited him just fine!

As he drank the yummy goodness, I held him in front of the x-ray machine for the specialists to see how it moved through his system.
This was incredible to watch!
Little Bit is so wonderfully made.

After chowing down on the grub and Barium Phosphate,
they took three x-rays - one every ten minutes - to monitor how the Barium moved through Baker's bowels.

I am looking forward to the results - as they will tell us a number of things about Baker's eating, digestion, and even give some good indicators for speech.

Tonight, we celebrate no more doctor visits until next week!

While I am thankful for Baker's doctors, today I am thankful that we don't have to see another (Lord willing) until next Thursday.

It's Turkey Time!

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