Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Hot Now

I met my boys for a last minute mid-week date at Krispy Kreme.
Be jealous.
Handsome fellas (one with a cutie patootie pumpkin booty -
I'll let you guess which one),
ooey gooey glazed goodness,
and steaming coffee quietly beckoning me,
made for a glorious afternoon reprieve.
Surveying the scene and selecting the perfect one.
Baker was absolutely mesmerized.

Laying it on thick.
Boy loves his daddy.
Daddy loves his boy.
No doughnuts were consumed in the taking of these pictures.
By the littlest Bell, at least.

But he sure did get close.
His daddy is a troublemaker, for sure!

Ooohh, that face!

And while Hot Now doughnuts were on the menu for Mommy and Daddy,
nothing tastes as good to Baker as that chubby little thumb.
 We all left a little warmer and a little sweeter.
Scrumptious afternoon.

1 comment:

  1. Loved the photos of Baker looking at the donut "assembly line". Precious!