Monday, November 19, 2012

Unlike Any Other Weekend

It started out as any other weekend.

I celebrated its onset, as it meant the start of nine whole days at home with my littlest turkey, the promise of good times ahead with crazy aunts and uncles over the holidays, too much sweet potato casserole, and scouring catalogs to make a detailed itinerary with Mom and Jess in hopes of an epic Black Friday.

Brian, Baker, and I headed out of town Friday night to do some early Christmas shopping and birthday celebrating. My husband turns 28 tomorrow, and he always gets a new pair of cowboy boots to help him step into a new year in style.
Too corny?
Yes, I agree.
A blast was had.
Time with these Bell boys never disappoints.

It continued like any other weekend.

Brian headed out early Saturday morning to try to stick a big one. I get this text as he's hunting, "I just saw the biggest deer I think I've ever seen."

Have you ever seen Father of the Bride Part 2? You know, after several sleepless nights with Annie and Nina threatening to go into labor, George takes the two sleeping pills and Franck says, "Bye, Bye George, see you next Tursday."
Yep, except for here it reads, "Bye, Bye Honey, see you next Spring."
The boy loves the woods, watching the sun rise and God's creation come alive.
And talks daily about Saturdays when he can take Little Man clad in camo as his hunting buddy.

Still, any other weekend.

My mom drove over to spend the day.
She will see us Thursday but you well know those Nanas - they love their grands.
I was pretty excited about seeing her as well.
We visited, cooked, cleaned, did some serious baby snuggling,
and planned a killer Thanksgiving menu.
Just like any other weekend.
During all this time, Baker was the ever-sweet little Baker. He did a lot of grinning and laughing, sided with his daddy to present a stellar case for a new John Deere, blew kisses, wrapped his Nana around that finger a little tighter.
He was a little snotty, his cheeks were a little rosy, he had a little cough, was a little sleepy. Not sick, not fussy, but a little different.

By Saturday night, Baker was barking. He sounded quite like a seal. His nose was running and he started wheezing. We did a few breathing treatments and said a few extra prayers for his body to rid itself of this ickiness.

These symptoms escalated as the night progressed. His wheezing got so bad he couldn't catch his breath.
He gave me a "mommy help me" look, and in my helplessness, we loaded up at 11:56 for the Emergency Room.

Not like any other weekend.

At the front desk, we bypassed all the typical paperwork. Fortunately, insurance cards can wait when your little one isn't breathing well. They did the typical weighing, asking about symptoms, current medications, and then showed us to our rooms.
During the next four hours, Baker had a chest x-ray, RSV swab, a breathing treatment on steroids, shot, and prescription to carry us through the next few days.

We left that night yearning for our own beds, and longing for Baker to be well again.

Fortunately, Baker does not have RSV.
He does have bronchitis, an upper respiratory infection, and croup.

It turned out unlike any other weekend, and like none I want to have in the near future.
Being a mommy is the most joy-filled adventure, but sometimes it's also the scariest.
Baker is slightly better today.
He got to skip therapy, and do a little extra sleeping and cuddling with Mommy and Daddy since both were off work.
I am counting my blessings.
Today, I am thankful for doctors, nurses, and respiratory therapists who know much more than I do,
I am thankful for a husband who is alongside me for this incredible journey,
I am thankful for sick days so I even more appreciate the well ones.

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  1. It's so hard to see your baby sick! I will pray that Baker heals quickly!