Sunday, November 4, 2012


I love questions.
Always have.
I have been told the first word I uttered was "why?" and as a child strived to reach a quota of using this word twenty-eleven gazillion times per day.
Drove my parents nuts!
I can totally relate to this kid.
I am inquisitive by nature, and am drawn to people who share this attribute as well.
I want to know details, the inner workings of everything.
I am a researcher. A question asker.
I walk into the doctor's office with a list of questions and do not leave before an answer is written beside each.
This clearly makes me the unanimous pick for Favorite Patient Award.
This weekend, we had the privilege of watching the Bama game with some dear friends. Mallory, who I have posted about before, was dying to get her hands on Baker. I am so ashamed that I didn't take a single picture. I was so busy catching up with my favorite newlywed and enamored with the heart-attack-inducing football game.

As we were talking, I was innundated with questions about Baker -
How is therapy?
How often are you going each week?
How is he tolerating one-hour sessions?
What is he working on in physical therapy?
What are Baker's occupational therapists' goals?
What manipulatives is he using in therapy?
How is he eating?
What are your struggles right now?
MPC, I love you for this!
So many people dance around the subject of Down Syndrome, and are scared to ask specific questions.
Or maybe don't know the questions to ask.
I completely understand this trepidation.
Please know you are not going to offend me by asking questions.
This is no longer a topic that scares us.
We talk about Baker. And we talk about Down Syndrome.
In fact, I know this surprises you greatly, but Baker is my favorite subject to discuss!
We ask questions about Baker. And we ask questions about Down Syndrome.
This is a part of our everyday.
And we are loving every minute. And we love sharing it with others.
Questions I often get typically resemble "How's Baker?"
I have such a difficult time answering this question without inviting them over for coffee and crumpets so I can answer this question in its entirety. When one asks, "How's Baker?" I want to tell them everything about him - how he's the most precious thing in my world, how I have fallen in love so hard and so fast, how he loves all music, but especially Kenny Chesney's Hemingway's Whiskey, how he loves when I read Pout Pout Fish in my silliest voice, how he loves bath time and pretends he's a fish flipping his fins this way and that, how he wants to be held by his mommy all the time, how he wants to forgo sitting in favor of standing, how he now scoffs at a bottle of formula but tackles breast milk the way I devour a Sonic Cherry Limeade during Happy Hour.
But instead of all of those specific details, I opt for a scripted, "Oh, thank you for asking. He is doing so well and we are so in love!"
But not my Mal. 
My sweet friend questioned us for the nitty-gritty details, and I am so grateful.
Although, she may have regretted it after I flooded her living room with talk of Baker this, and Baker that.
As most parents are eager to gush about their children, I love talking about my Baker Boy! This blog has given me such an incredible outlet to share our journey with others. Email me with questions. Post comments on the blog. I will respond. I want to respond - especially if you have found this blog because you are an expectant or new parent of a child with Down Syndrome.
Forget the adage "Curiosity killed the cat."
 And ask away, friends!


  1. I think MalPal's questions would make a great next blog! I am addicted to this blog about your precious baby boy and his very special parents.

    1. I think so too! I'm totally on this! We love you!