Friday, January 16, 2015

Twenty-Two Weeks

What I'm Eating - I'm loving cereal, especially for supper. And sliced apples with vanilla yogurt topped with crumbled Heath bits.
Big Brother Baker - This week, Baker has started calling Little Brother, "Bear Bear." My heart is a big ole pile of mushy gushy goodness. Brothers are going to be the best!

He's going to teach Barrett everything he knows...I know, because he's currently practicing on Elmo.
This went something like (a combination of signs and words),
"Elmo, Tee Tee? Potty? Yes? Yes. Ok."
"Mama, Elmo. Potty."
Runs to the bathroom. Hops on the toilet. Does intended business. Commences with Tee Tee Dance.
Brian taught him. I'm sure he'll teach you too. Be on the lookout for a YouTube video tutorial.

Sleep - Much better! In the words of Madea, "Praise da Lort!"
Maternity Clothes - Clothing is about the same this week. The hardest part about the past several days has been the shift from home for the holidays attire to heading back to work.
Size of Baby - Little Brother is the size of a spaghetti squash.
Baby Name - James Barrett (more on his sweet name here)
Gender - A baby boy!
What I Miss - Not much at all.
Best Moment of the Week - Announcing Little Brother's name. We had so much fun sharing his name with family and friends. It is a name that was chosen specially, with a lot of love, just for our baby boy.

And the kicking - it's out of control! I love each little jab and punch. Oh wild one, you are already so incredibly loved.

A time that's quickly becoming a daily must are early morning walks. I love this quiet time for me, while the rest of the world is still fast asleep. I am trying to walk around 15 miles a week to combat stiffness and swelling and some of the discomfort I felt while pregnant with Baker. Sometimes I take Harley, sometimes it's just James Barrett and me, alone with the Lord to reflect on life. I pray for my boys (all of them) and other prayer needs in our circle of family and friends, sing my favorite praises aloud, set goals for the future, and imagine big things for our growing family.

Workout clothes, especially ones suitable for sub-freezing temperatures are becoming increasingly more difficult to come by. Brian gave me some of his old Under Armour hunting shirts and they are perfect (for today, at least) for my growing belly.

It's finally sunny here today and we are headed to the Zoo! I cannot wait to be outside, and I always look forward to seeing Baker's face when he sees the animals.
See other Zoo posts here, here, and here.
What fun things are you doing for this long weekend?
I hope it's a wonderful one!

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