Sunday, January 4, 2015

What if we have two children with Down Syndrome?

The question has been danced around,
tiptoed over,
skirted about.
What if Little Brother is born with Down Syndrome?
Few have asked;
 some flat out, others slightly more discreetly.
What are our chances of having two children with Down Syndrome?
The truth is, we don't know the answer.
We opted out of genetic testing after Baker was born.
The doctors pushed, insisting we know whether it was us that caused it.
It didn't matter.
Not to us.
Not even a little bit.
We knew, long before Baker arrived, there was a chance he would be born with Down Syndrome.
We knew, and we chose faith.
We knew, and we chose love.
We knew, and we chose him.
We knew if God made a way for us to have another child, the choice would be the same.
God has given us the exact family He desired to bring glory to His name.
That isn't just lip service.
I believe those words with every ounce of my being.
Just as He knows the grains of sand on all the beaches on all the earth,
as He knows the number of hairs on each of His children's heads,
He knows our family.
He knew Baker would be a boy.
He knew he would be born with Down Syndrome.
He knew he would have almond eyes, golden skin, rosy cheeks, and the most adorable knee dimples you ever did see.
He knew he would have different abilities.
He knew he would love easy and laugh hard.
He knew that twenty-seven months after we first laid eyes on Baker, we would joyously celebrate the news of Him loaning us another of His most precious.
He knew this child would also be a boy.
All of the other things we tend to question -
will he have his daddy's piercing green eyes and enviably olive skin,
will he have his mommy's right cheek dimple and freckle kissed nose,
will he and Baker have the same infectious personality -
He knows.
He has built our family with intention and with purpose.
He has intricately knit us together with unparalleled craftsmanship for our good and for His glory.
If Little Brother has Down Syndrome,
or if he is typically developing,
it matters not to us.
He will be loved.
He will be celebrated.
And God will receive all of the glory.
His works are wonderful, I know that full well.
He far exceeded anything we could have ever imagined with Baker. I cannot wait to see what He has in store for our family.
"I praise you for I am fearfully and wonderfully made; your works are wonderful, I know that full well."
Psalms 139:14
"And we know that in all things, God works for the good of those who love Him, who have been called according to His purpose."
Romans 8:28


  1. Jennifer, I was reading a book lately that caused me to think of you. A pregnant woman and her husband were discussing their future child and he made a comment about loving each of the hairs on her head and her ten little fingers and toes. And the woman asks what they will do if the baby does not have ten little fingers or toes. So the husband says they will love the baby all the more for the missing parts. Although not one single thing is missing from Baker, I think you love him all the more for that extra chromosome. I am certain baby 2 will be just as wonderful and will bring just as much joy to your family. Best wishes to all four of you.

  2. We had these same comments/questions when Lillian was on her way into the world. And, like you, we were positive that we would love her with 46 or 47 chromosomes. It's and added condition, but one of love that abounds like no other! You can not describe it.... Only feel it! So, when we answered, we said "I don't know what she will have, but she will be ours". We were assured of God's promise to know our plans and to make them prosper for His names sake! Love you Jennifer and thank you for keeping it real!