Saturday, January 31, 2015

Twenty-Four Weeks (affectionately written by Brian)

What I'm Eating

Somehow Jenn finds a way to choke down this disgusting concoction of Apple Cider Vinegar, honey, and lemon every single morning. The smell alone runs me out of the bathroom, but she promises Pinterest boasts one hundred seventy-two thousand, four hundred fourteen reasons to be drinking the awful stuff.

She has started craving salads with cucumbers and avocados (no thanks), which amazes me, since anything green has had her turning green for the past 168 days.

Big Brother Baker

Baker is all about Baker.
"Hold me, Momma."
"Hold me, Dadda."

Barrett who?

He is soaking up these final weeks of being an only, and Jenn is more than eager to let him be her big baby.


What was that again?

Maybe Bake is prepping us for life with an infant again. Whatever it is, the old, "I'll sleep when I'm dead" phrase has never been truer.

Especially now that some little rascal has commandeered her maternity pillow.

Maternity Clothes

I'm steering clear of this one. Unsafe territory here, folks.

Size of Baby

This week he is supposed to be as long as an ear of corn, but I think he's as big around as two or three. In my expert, baby growing opinion, he's going to be a hoss who never stops.

Baby's Name 

I'm calling him "J Bear," but Jenn insists that is not his name and refuses to monogram one of those girl gowns with it. Bake and I are in cahoots and we're calling majority here. J Bear it is.


He's still a he; but I have this nagging fear that all that wiggling  during his picture taking just might have us seeing things. James Barrett may be dressed in pink and renamed Elizabeth Barrett come May.

What I Miss

Anything missed is not worth having in place of this.
Best Moment of the Week -

How does she come up with one?

I got to take Baker to school this week. It's so great seeing him in his element and following his daily routine. However, I don't envy Jenn's task of doing this daily because leaving that kid to go to work is a different kind of tough.

Last night, Jenn and I got to watch Gone Girl on the couch together. Two things:  One, how incredibly bizarre that movie is. If you like a movie that leaves you saying "Huh?", this one is for you. And two, how does Jennifer get anything done all day. That boy is all go all the time, much like his big brother. Maybe they'll wear each other least a dad can dream!

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