Friday, January 23, 2015

Twenty-Three Weeks

See that sweet little handprint on the mirror?
I know it sounds like the most ridiculous thing in all the world, but I just cannot bring myself to Windex it away.
Some of my favorite moments each day with Baker are mere seconds.
The ones we carefully carve late in the evening, in between scrubbing until he's so clean he squeaks and the moment his incessant jabber finally stops and he succumbs so sweetly to sleep. 
He cocoons himself into a towel too big, plops down on our counter and lets me brush all of the sugar monsters away, comb his hair, lather him in lotion, and sing to the baby in the mirror.
Laughter bounces from each corner.
His little voice the perfect song.
Quite often, he reaches out.
His mind inquisitive as to how a mirror reflects his image so perfectly.
One day he'll know.
One day a mirror will no longer hold an adventure.
One day he won't have to touch the face smiling back at him.
One day his handprints will be larger, and he won't sit as easily on our counters.
One day, he'll brush his own teeth, and comb his own hair.
These are the moments I sometimes rush.
At the day's end when my feet ache and my belly is threatening to burst right out of my shirt.
When lunches need to be packed, the dryer needs to be started, the dishwasher emptied.
Today, he needs me. 
Today, he wants me in his memories.
Today, I'll save the handprint in case tomorrow is the day.
You're welcome. 
Introducing twenty-three weeks of hormones.
Here I am choosing the least awkward bump selfie, or "bumpie," as the cool kids are calling it.
And out of the blue, I lose it over a sticky handprint on the mirror.
Dirt, y'all, has made me a weepy mess.
Instead of obscuring it from view, or directing attention elsewhere, I wrote words about it.
Real words.
And not just a few. 
Two hundred sixty-two of them.
You can send your deepest sympathies to my husband.
I know he covets your prayers during this wildly unpredictable time.

What I'm Eating - The better question would be, what am I not eating? Hello appetite!
Apparently, Little Brother will double in size over the next four weeks. I am trying my best to make sure I do the same.
Big Brother Baker - 

Sleep - I love it. It hates me. We're at odds right about now.
Maternity Clothes - At this point, I could stand to buy a few pieces, but I am really trying to refrain. Early in the pregnancy, I bought a few key items, and I am trying my best to make them work for the next few months. Praise all things good and holy for Shop Riffraff Pikos, Old Navy maternity leggings, the Target clearance rack, and Gap skinnies.
Size of Baby - He's about 9 inches long, and just over a pound - the size of a papaya.
Baby Name - James Barrett
Gender - BOY!
What I Miss - Not a whole lot.
Best Moment of the Week - I had another ultrasound on Monday to follow up with my anatomy scan last month. Not only did I get to lay eyes on my baby boy again, I got to take my big boy and mom with me! Baker danced while Little Brother's heartbeat filled the room, then lifted up his shirt to bare his belly. Getting to see both of my boys at the same time was almost more than my mommy heart could stand.
Our sweet ultrasound technician even printed Baker his very own picture of Baby Barrett. He carried it around so proudly and shared it with everyone we saw on our way out the door.
One final thought and confession - I have stared at this little profile for countless hours. I cannot wait to kiss all over his face and memorize his every beautiful feature. Oh baby boy, you take my breath away.
"Every good and perfect gift is from above coming down from the Father of the heavenly lights."
James 1:17

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