Monday, June 24, 2013

Summah Lovin'

Last August, we brought Baker to the beach for the first time.

See that post here

He was so tiny!

This trip was much different.

Much better, 
much longer,
much more memorable,
much more exciting, 
much more exhausting,
much more wonderful!

 One of the scariest tasks as a mama is sunscreening tender baby skin.
Exhibit A.


Baker had sunscreen from the top of his head to the bottom of his little piggies.
Hence the cray cray baby hair. 
And we were both randomly coated in SPF 50 by the time we danced our way through the application. 
Picture the Electric Slide combined with the Wobble combined with the Cupid Shuffle. 
We were "to the right, to the right, now dip, now dip, wobble baby wobble, make 'em back it up."
It may not have been in sync, or to music, but we sho nuff danced.
We'll call it The Sunscreen.
Choreographed by: Baker Bell.

Fortunate for all of us, I received the burn.
Brian's, Baker's, and my own.
And have the purplish-red skin to prove it.
Hello Aloe!

I melt.
Hot hubs and bitty baby snuggles.

Brian has lost about 50 pounds since last beach vacay and was rockin' the beach bod! 
And Baker, well, he makes arm, leg, and tummy rolls look more delectable than the buttery goodness of O'Charley's pre-dinner rolls.





Baker will not let a hat of his own sit on his head for 2.5 seconds, 
but once he captures Brian's hat, it's there to stay!

Last day on the beach, but first Toofies and I had a big playtime indoors.

 Cool dude.
The coolest dude Orange Beach has ever seen.


Baker drove home.
Mommy and Daddy napped.
My little loves to sit in the driver's seat of Brian's truck.
I am convinced little boys are born knowing how to handle a steering wheel.
Watch out, folks!
I'm afraid he's going to drive like his daddy!

We're resting up.
Finishing moving the last little bits from our home.
Closing our house.
And then.....
wait for it....
coming back on Saturday for Round 2!

Every single second. 
Soaking it up.

Summah Lovin'

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