Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Phone Dump

It was high time to clear the phone of pictures.
Somehow, someway, my phone will not hold one more single solitary picture.
I am sure no one has ever had this happen to them before.
So, phone dump time it is!


This is a happy face, I promise.
In fact, if you get this face, you rate. 
This is the face Brian Bell gets every single day when he walks in the door.
It melts my heart into a great big blob of mush.

I get cuddles,

and "I'm gonna eat your face kisses."

Notice the jammers.
Justa cruisin' in his jammers.
We do still live in Mississippi, y'all!
And I'm quite certain this is the way those Bama folks roll, too!

Not my best picture taking, but I took it through crocodile mama tears.
After Baker's bout with sickness and hospitalization and surgery, he completely gave up holding his own cup.
Then, on the way to Children's Hospital, he just did it.
This warranted a less than perfect picture to remember the oh so perfect joy I felt.
Special miracles when I least expect them.

Silly billy Baker Boy.
He loves taking pictures!

Baker Boy loves his daddy!

Baby profile love.
Baby squinty face love.
Baby arm rolls love.
Baby love.

It's important for Mamas and Daddies to have fun too!
Happy Wedding Day, Anna Lisa and Andy.

We love Kristen and Nicholas!

Baker "nose" what it's all about at Speech Therapy.

If you have already seen these from Facebook or Instagram, I hope they are making you smile seeing them again!
I love sharing life with you.

Happy Day, friends!
And beware, the phone has storage space and we are beach bound!
Picture overload coming soon.
Don't say I didn't warn you!

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  1. Lovely photos. Love the eat your face kisses--I get those from my guy , too. : )