Monday, June 3, 2013

Baker is one and has the shots to prove it

We went for Baker's pneumonia check and well baby one year visit.
Score for combining two visits into one!
Three shots, two in the arm and one in the leg.
Boo hiss!
Baker weighs 23.1 delectable pounds and is 31 exquisite inches long.
Cheesy, yes.
Truth, most definitely.
Every single pound, and every single inch is so wonderfully made.
He is in 47th percentile for weight and 79th percentile for length.
Ba da bing! Ba da boom!
We got one picture of today's visit.
Because waiting for almost two hours in the waiting room with a one year old does not lend itself to picture taking or anything other than trying to keep your inchworm imitating child free of any germs inhabiting the doctor's office floor we did not bring with us.
And Baker took the picture.
Because for 0.834 seconds, he was entertained by taking selfies on my phone.
He has learned to press the camera button and is positively peachy when he does it himself.

My sweet Baker Bell is at the most fun age!
He has four teeth and is cutting his fifth.
Lord help us all. 
He has learned to use them to eat and grin and get oohhs and aahhs and good ole baby lovin' from everyone who sees those pearly whites!
We brush them every morning sitting on the counter and every night in the bathtub.
He loves the routine of me brushing and then letting him brush.
He is so independent!
And I cannot help but sing this every single time.

Baker is eating most everything.
His favorites are watermelon, mashed potatoes, yogurt,
macaroni and cheese and roasted squash.
Yay for fresh fruits and veggies this summer!
We have discovered a slight milk allergy, or at least a milk intolerance.
But an easy switch to soy milk has alleviated all of those pesky side effects.

My angel baby has recently learned the word "no."
Yes, my darling boy is showing a very mischievous side.
And every time we say it, he gives the most adorable little grunt.
It's so hard not to laugh.
It would be much easier to give in, but this is something that is very important to us.
I did a Bible Study with a group of girls last year - Teach Them Diligently - that incorporated scripture into discipline.
I really liked the study, the biblical perspective, and the girls who had older children and were able to share struggles and successes.
It is obvious Brian Bell and I certainly have our work cut out for us!
Baker loves to play!
And he plays so hard. He loves to be tossed around and thrown upside down and side to side.
He is all boy!
I have seen how much he loves this with Brian, and have had to up my game to get those adorable giggles he gives his daddy.
He loves toys, and he loves books, but mostly he loves people interacting with him.
He is such a people person.
Baker is crawling and sitting up on his own, and is even starting to pull up.
We are so proud of the milestones he is working so diligently to reach!
He is developing an expansive vocabulary and is beginning to recognize many family members, toys, body parts, and foods.
This is fun stuff!
Speaking of body parts, he has found a certain boy part that fascinates him to no end!
I didn't know this came so early!
Oh boys...
There is so much more, but I will have to document it later.
Two and half hours and three shots at the doctor have taken a toll on this mama.
Plum tuckered out.
Baker is back to sleeping through the night,
typically about 7:30-6:00.
Yippy skippy!!

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