Tuesday, June 11, 2013

A Day in the Life

I had another post planned for today.
But then today started and I realized I wanted to remember every little bit.

Around 4:00, it all began. Brian’s alarm sounded noisily and I telepathically willed him to silence that dreadful mess! 
Baker began stirring around 5:00 and my dear husband got him out of the bed, changed his sopping wet diaper, gave him some milk, and by doing so, bought me an extra fourteen minutes of sleep. Sweet Jesus, Mama loves her sleep.
He carefully laid Baker in the bed beside me where the three of us chatted about the day ahead, shared some sleepy smiles, and pleaded for this Tuesday to magically transform into a Saturday. When that didn’t happen, Baker and I trudged to the kitchen for a cup of coffee while Brian showered to get ready for the day. He is still commuting daily to Tuscaloosa, so his day begins much earlier than mine.

Baker really doesn’t mean to wake up as early as he does, as silly as that sounds. This teething has him totally off schedule. We got the blanket off of his bed, and sat down to rock sleepily in his chair. I did a little singing and in no time at all, he was conked out. And don’t you dare say it was to escape my off key tunes, which we both know is the case. I enjoyed some sweet morning snuggles and then laid him in his bed about 5:45 while I wished Brian a happy day and began getting ready. I finally had to wake Baker about 7:15 and dress him for the day. The few extra minutes bought me time to do a load of laundry, empty the dishwasher, pack lunches and the load the car. 
Soon, we were off. I took Baker into school where I lingered a while longer. He has a therapy session on Tuesday mornings which I never get to see. I fed him his breakfast, grits, which I learned Mrs. Thelma doctors with butter and cheese. I knew he didn't like mine nearly as much as Mrs. Thelma’s! After breakfast, we sat on the floor and played until Mrs. Deborah, his Early Intervention teacher, arrived. I so enjoyed watching Baker play with the other children, and speak in a language that only they understand. I got to see about 10 minutes of their session, before I had to leave for work. My contract ends June 25 and I cannot wait for a few weeks at home with my boy!

Baker Boy loves him some Mrs. Deborah.


Look at his little hand resting on hers. 
I melt.

Positively will not sit still for anything except to read. 
He really is my child.

Climbing through tunnels is fun.


His teachers reported two naps - one from 9:00-9:40 and the other from 12:40-2:20.
He ate tater tot casserole and mixed veggies for lunch was was caught on more than one occasion calling out, "Mama, mama!" And also pulling a precious little girl's hair. Uh-oh.
During the day, I had the brilliant idea that we should celebrate 13 months of Baker Bell with some froyo. I really do have some really good ideas sometimes. 

I know he's mine, and reminds me daily that he is all boy, but he is the prettiest thing I have ever seen.

BeBe joined the fun!

Those eyelashes, and lips, little hands clasped, and wispy hair flipped.
Yep, he's pretty.

Orange and watermelon sorbet smiles.
Excuse the orange teeth.
Totally worth it.

Meet my mini-me.

I think he liked it.

When we got home, Baker was tuckered out and took a 10 minute power nap before supper.
Turning thirteen months is tiring work.
And looking this cute while doing it, pure exhaustion!

He dined on macaroni and cheese, squash, and sweet potatoes, and then took a quick bath.
After getting lotioned, powdered, and jammered up, it was play time.
He plays so hard before bedtime, which I'm convinced is why he sleeps so well.

I wish I could have captured the look on his face when he heard the door creak to signal the arrival of his daddy. I love being a part of this every single day. The squeals and laughter that follow are music, a most perfect melody! 

Brian and I sat down to eat about 6:30. Baker usually has his midnight snack when we eat, taking a few bites off of my plate. I am sure this is totally frowned upon, but works just lover-ly for us.
I made my Tuesday night super easy by making chicken spaghetti alongside my dinner last night, chicken chili, and putting it into the oven to warm today when we got home.

By 7:15, Baker was singing his sleepy song.
I poured a sippy cup of soy milk, we cuddled in the rocking chair, and before the last sip was guzzled, he was snoring soundly. We didn't even have time to read, because he goes from full out wild child to mouth open sleep in 0.2 seconds.

As we rock, I wonder where the past thirteen months have gone, when my baby got so long, how he went from an itty bitty quiet baby, to an all out rambunctious toddler with a spirit so sweet and a will unmatched by any.
At thirteen months, I claim, for probably the 1468th time since Baker's birth, that this is the best time. The most fun age. It's our favorite, positively favoritest time ever. 

And while it's just a nothing Tuesday in June according to a calendar, today is a day I want to forever remember. 

This day, in this life, my dream come true.


  1. Oh this was so nice...I enjoyed reading about your day. It's these little memories we like to cherish and writing it like this is definitely a way to remember. I think Baker is pretty darn cute, too!

    1. Thank you! I am learning that I quite love blogging!