Sunday, June 2, 2013

Picture Lovin', Summer Lovin', Baby Boy Lovin'

First, thank you, thank you, thank you for your sweet comments about our transition to Tuscaloosa! We are so excited about the opportunities awaiting our family.

If you follow me on Instagram (@jenngbell), you've likely already seen these.

My boy was seeming especially cute this week, (can I get a free  pass to say that every week?), so I was crazy capturing this first or this precious expression.
I want to remember every second.
Every toothless or big toofie grin.
Every tractor ride with Poppa and book shared with Daddy.
Every watermelon adventure.
Every, every, every single detail.

Melt me.

A sweet friend gave Baker two of the Little Blue Truck books for
his birthday and they were an instant favorite!

I think the older Bell boy likes them just as much as the younger.

School Lovin'!

Baker's Speech Therapist encouraged me to let him play some independently.
It was a tough assignment for this mama, but so rewarding!
I loved watching him interact with toys and watching his little imagination blossom.

No words.
Look at the pride on his Poppa's face!
He's been itching for this moment since Baker was born.
I think there are many fun days of tractor riding ahead for this duo.

And at the end of any long summer day, watermelon.
Always watermelon!
This was Baker's first experience with watermelon,
and also the first time he said, "YUM!"


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