Friday, December 5, 2014

Sixteen Weeks, a Proud Mommy Moment, Thanksgiving, and a Big Bama Win


What I’m eating: The better question is what am I not eating? Indigestion is starting to creep in slowly, so I have had to be more careful of what I eat. The food test usually involves the question, "Do I really want to taste this for the next 652 minutes?" If the answer is yes, it's a go! I love food not knocked up, so it's only natural that I love, love food with a bun in the oven. Speaking of buns and ovens, I think it's time for another snack.

Big Brother Baker: Baker loves all things Alabama football. It's only natural since Brian and I both graduated from The University of Alabama, and scream Roll Tide randomly throughout the day. We have been identifying the Alabama 'A' on all of our Bama paraphernalia with Baker. He loves spotting it on shirts, hats, jerseys, on the television, and even on flags while driving around town. While in the bathtub last night, we were playing with his foam letters. It thrilled my soul when he grabbed the orange 'A' and proudly proclaimed "ah, ah, ah, ah." I had no idea he could make the transfer. I'm in full on teacher mom mode round here and am sure he'll be spelling Saban in no time. I kid, I kid. It's only fitting that he learn Bear Bryant first. If you didn't see this video on Instagram earlier in the week, it's a must see! (Click on the image to watch, or you can access the YouTube link here).

Sleep: I feel like I'm back to first trimester with my sleeping patterns. I have been so tired this week.

Maternity Clothes: My best friend Kristen is pregnant too, (how fun is that?!?) and she shared some awesome black pants from Gap she bought. I am convinced that I could possibly wear them every single day until this baby says hi. I could kiss the designers at Gap and Old Navy for making affordable long maternity pants.

Size of Baby: Avocado!

Baby Names: We have narrowed down our list - four possible boy names and seven possible girl names. No judging, that's serious progress!

Gender: I have been screaming boy all along, but earlier this week, I suggested to Brian, "What if it's a girl?" While I don't know what we're having, I am certain of one thing, there isn't a baby in all the world who'll be loved just like this one. Baby Boy or Baby Girl, we already love you to the moon and back.

What I Miss: I always hesitate to say I miss something. I remember reading these while praying for a baby, thinking I would give up wine and caffeine and clothes that fit and anything else for all the days of my life just to be pregnant. I know what it feels like to be in that season, to long for a baby, and to cringe when people complained about some of the unpleasantries that accompany these nine months. So, while there are things I look forward to having again, there is nothing I miss greater than the joy that comes with this time.

Best Moment of the Week: This week was filled with wonderful moments. Our holidays were teeming with love, laughter, and food. We filled every possible minute with the promise of memories with friends and family.

Happy Thanksgiving from our family to yours.

These girls are my favorite girls.
We were celebrating 30th birthdays, babies on the way, and engagements!
There is always something to celebrate when they're in town.
Brian and I were surprised with Iron Bowl tickets and a free babysitter for our birthday.
Roll Tide!



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