Saturday, December 13, 2014

Seventeen Weeks

I have decided bathroom selfies are the most awkward thing in all of the world!

What I'm Eating - I am still loving a Chick-fil-A lemonade, and have even allowed bits of caffeine in this pregnancy. I know, I know. The pregnant-with-Baker-me would never have been dreamt of touching that delightful red Starbuck's cup to my lips.
I have vowed to be more laid back this time and enjoy every minute, especially the ones spent slurping my beloved Caramel Macchiato. I am still eating between 4-6 oranges a day, love peanut butter by the spoonful, and insist upon a handful of Pirate's Booty puffs every day. Gummi bears still make frequent appearances, and strawberry congealed salad was concocted from scratch last week because I couldn't get it out of my mind!

Big Brother Baker - There are none as sweet as this precious angel. I love Christmastime with a two year old. Everything is magical in this season. He signs "beautiful" when he sees any Christmas tree, and joyfully claps along to my off key renditions of our favorite holiday tunes.

Sleep - I broke out the maternity pillow this week. Half of the occupants of our bed is thrilled (me), the other half (hubs), none too much.

Maternity Clothes - I am wearing maternity pants more comfortably now, but still haven't attempted any of the shirts. I can use my belly band with regular pants, but I much prefer an elastic waist. Can I get an Amen!?! Comfort is the name of the game, and I play it well!

Size of Baby - A pear! It's no coincidence pears are currently overflowing my kitchen centerpiece. Occasionally, I'll walk by, pick one up and get lost in a daydream, imagining the precious one growing so quickly, immersing him or herself into our wonderfully chaotic life.

Baby Names - My lips are sealed! Brian's too - and he doesn't crack easily. We aren't sharing potential names until we know our baby's gender and have decided for certain on his or her name. I forgot how difficult it was to pick the just right name. Oh the pressure!

Gender - We find out Thursday at 3:00. I may or may not know the exact number of days, minutes, and hours until that highly anticipated appointment!
 That means when I write my eighteen week post, we'll know whether we're having a boy or girl!

What I Miss - Right now I miss having the energy to do it all. Brian and Baker have been so patient as I pour dinner from a cereal box and doze during our bedtime prayer. I think this season is preparing me for life with two - sacrificing the unimportant, focusing on what matters, and trusting the Lord to handle the rest.

Best Moment of the Week - We went to hear our little love's heartbeat on Monday. After not being able to find it on our home doppler on Sunday, it was the most glorious sound in all the earth. His or her heart rate was a booming 148 beats per minute. I could have sat on that table with that goo running down my blooming belly for days and days just to hear our baby's beat. Our God, He's an awesome God!

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