Friday, December 26, 2014

Nineteen Weeks

Almost halfway there!

What I'm Eating - After having the flu all week and nothing tasting, well, tasty, I am enjoying all the things. I accidentally made the yummiest Chex Mix before Christmas, have had cravings for chicken and dumplings, and opened four packs of Skittles in desperate search of only the good ones (red and purple, duh!). 

Big Brother Baker - What is it about knowing there is a baby on the way that aged him so much so quickly?

Hello, heartbreaker.

Sleep - I don't know what happened here. Sleep went from slowly becoming my bestie to wanting nothing to do with me. I feel like we're in a high school romance. I will be slipping a note in its locker tomorrow in hopes of being on again next week.

Maternity Clothes - Christmas break means my wardrobe has consisted of my favorite sweatshirt and Victoria's Secret yoga leggings. Praise Be!

Size of Baby - He was exactly 8 ounces when we saw him last week. One half of a pound. What to Expect says our baby is the size of a large mango!

Baby Name - We're still at the drawing board with this one. We're hoping to decide pretty soon. I am ready to call him by name. And hello, monogramming all the things!
Gender - It's a BOY!!

We are already excitedly planning Baker's big boy room with twin beds. I have visions of them sneaking out of bed to play with trucks, and talking about hunting for the big deer, and scheming a Father's Day present for Daddy. They are going to be the best of friends. And I am over the moon.

Another boy to love. What an incredible gift!

What I Miss - What's to miss when Christmas candies and goodies are all that's on the menu?!?

Best Moment of the Week - Brian got to feel our baby boy kick for the first time on Christmas Eve! I have been feeling it pretty steadily for a few weeks now, and have been dying to share this special time with him. The look on his face when he felt his second boy was priceless.


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