Thursday, December 18, 2014

a picture is worth a thousand thoughts (or at least 12)

I thought all the thoughts when I saw this picture.

1. Somebody did an awesome job coordinating everyone's outfits.

2. I wish I could rock a belly as fabulously as my Baker Bell does.

3. How long will my baby boy let his mommy hold his hand for a picture? My heart is squishing into a muddle of push. A puddle of mush. Either way, it's squishy!

4. I married up! Check out that hot husband of mine!

5. Does Baker look five? It's back to John-Johns we go. These big boy clothes just will not do, especially not when I'm all dosed up on extra sappy hormones.

6. Pictures scheduled after work/school should not be allowed. Day old hair is not the best look for me.

7. The older Baker gets, the less he looks like me, and the more he looks like his daddy. For obvious reasons, I am okay with this.

8. I want all of the pictures for all of my days to include these people I love so much.

9. As my smile was being stretched, dozens of mosquitoes were going to third base with me. Note to self: Save your dress for the indoors. Outdoors in Alabama is for pants and Thermacells and citronella. 

10. As much as I am loving a fur vest this year, I have a feeling I will look back at this in a few years and think, like I have done so often, "What was I thinking?"

11. This is our first official family picture as a family of four. Our newest member had been cooking for about 14 weeks when this adorable shot was captured.

12. When this was taken, I was already thinking about today. The day we would learn whether we would be coordinating our next family picture with hues of pink of hints of blue.

At three o'clock this afternoon, we will know whether Baker will have a baby brother or a baby sister. We are over the moon excited!

Bring on the gender reveal!


  1. Precious family picture! Yes, Baker looks so growny but oh so cute!!!

  2. Jennifer - 6 and 10 and absolutely not true! You look fabulous and I just love this sweet picture! That handsome little man has grown way to fast! Can't wait to see what next cutie will be!