Friday, December 19, 2014

Gender Reveal

I am forgoing my weekly pregnancy posts in favor of a fun gender reveal!
Three cheers for no selfies and divulging all the naughty things I ate this week (divinity and queso and caramel cake, oh my)!
I went for my 18 week anatomy scan yesterday.
Prior to our appointment, Brian and I prayed feverishly for the new addition to our family.
Before Baker was born, we didn't pray for a baby girl or a baby boy, we simply prayed for God to grow our family as He intended to bring glory to His name.
What a joy it has been to watch Baker do just that.
He is a walking running testimony of the Lord's goodness and grace.
That again was our prayer.
We prayed, boy or girl, that our family be used to honor Him.
What an overwhelming joy it is to know that He chose us to be called mommy and daddy by TWO BOYS!

How great our love abounds for this precious gift. 

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