Wednesday, July 3, 2013

More, Please!

This was a week of more, please.

After a fabulous vacay to the coast last week, we were itching to go back.
Sun, sand, seafood.
More, please!

We closed on our house Friday night, which is an entirely different post of a day that is best known as a HOT MESS!

This picture has little to do with anything, except that I took it on the day we closed.
And I sort of love it.
His little crooked mouth smile, overalls falling off his shoulders, sweet bare feet.
Sweet summahtime!
More, please!

After a headache of a day on Friday, we were beach bound early Saturday morning!

I lost my camera memory card, so most of my pictures were taken on my phone. 
Honestly, it was so freeing not having a camera.
Instead of trying to frame a perfect shot, I enjoyed my time with family.

Brian's parents hosted, and fabulous hosts they were!

Baker decided he quite loved the water this week.

And this, my favorite moment of the week.
Baker is such a little sponge. 
More, please.

Melts my heart.

More, please, Baker.
More, more, more.
Don't ever stop blessing our everydays - at home, at the beach - everyday with you is a gift.
More, please!

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