Wednesday, July 17, 2013

A boy and his pup

We became pup parents in May 2009 to the most precious little Golden Retriever.
We named him Harley, because I joked with Brian that this dog was the only Harley he would ever have.
Except for I wasn't joking.
At all.
We got him when he was only four weeks old.
He was so tiny!

Harley was our one and only until Baker arrived.
And was treated like royalty.
He spent his afternoons and weekends at the lake,
and feasted on steak while his humans ate chicken.
Once Baker made his debut and topped the charts at Number One,
Harley assumed his rightful role.
As dog.
He was extremely jealous of Baker.
And Baker wasn't really sure what to think of Harley.
But, finally, Thing 1 and Thing 2 are beginning to get along.

Baker even signs "dog" now when he sees Harley.
I love it!
I have a feeling these two will be thick as thieves before too long.
I see Baker spending many afternoons riding on Harley's back,
Giddy up, pup!
brushing his hair,
giving him baths,
chasing him around the yard,
and playing with Harley until he begs for mercy!

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  1. what cute puppy picture! And I'm so glad your two little ones are getting along these days. :)